Robot Shuttles - Big Orders and Reinvention

Robot shuttles are newly netting billions of dollars of investment and landing orders in many countries. Designs, parts suppliers and developers are changing as needs are better understood. New technologies are now applied including 3D vehicle printing, solar bodywork, 5G connectivity, docking sideways and better, more affordable autonomy. Time for a new report capturing the new realities and forecasting the next twenty years in both sales and technology evolution. On cue, only IDTechEx has the new report, "Robot Shuttles for Smart Cities 2021-2041".
Learn how cities are facing challenges that this totally new form of combined off- and on-road, multipurpose transport can help to solve. Why may it become almost the only form of transport allowed in city centres? What other technologies are being brought to bear and what is emerging as the best design to meet the requirements of city authorities as they seek empowerment of the disabled, no congestion, traffic accidents or emissions? What takes over as they ban or severely restrict vehicles used for very little of the day and ones running almost empty and repurpose their vast parking spaces and road area? This webinar explains the robot shuttle solution by sharing some of the IDTechEx report on the subject.


Dr Peter Harrop
Dr Peter Harrop