Stationary Energy Storage Without Batteries: Large New Market

This webinar uniquely gives an appraisal of stationary storage for electricity supply beyond batteries and pumped hydro. It shares some of the research carried out for the IDTechEx report, "Stationary Energy Storage Without Batteries: Grid, Microgrid, UPS, Trackside 2021-2041". The primary focus is grid, microgrid, uninterruptable power supplies and trackside storage from kW to GW. Learn both the existing and new needs this will address where batteries are useless or troublesome.
See some of the results of IDTechEx prioritising all the options within gravity storage of many types, air, hydrogen, thermal and supercapacitors and their variants for example. Gravity by dropping weight, pumping heavy liquids up hills, underwater systems? Compressed or liquid air or hydrogen? Do supercapacitors eliminate flywheels? What can tackle new needs such as summer-to-winter storage or distributed storage throughout smart cities? Market in 20 years from now? Learn some answers in this webinar.


Dr Peter Harrop
Dr Peter Harrop