The Meteoric Rise of Electric Vehicles Across Land, Sea & Air

This webinar breaks down the total electric vehicle market across land, sea & air, discussing core enabling technologies and outlines key challenges on the road to electrification. Some 24 million electric vehicles will be sold in 2020, representing 94GWh of Li-ion batteries. Will Tesla really need to produce 3000GWh of batteries by 2030? What is the role of fuel cell vehicles? What are the fastest growing electric vehicle markets beyond cars and why are they important?
Webinar topics:
  • An overview of electric vehicle markets in 2020 and beyond: on-road, boats & ships, aircraft.
  • The importance of battery-electric vehicles, and the place for plug-in hybrids and fuel cells.
  • Core enabling technologies: electric traction motors and Li-ion batteries.
The webinar is based on the contents of the new IDTechEx report, "Electric Vehicles: Land, Sea and Air 2021-2041".


Luke Gear
Luke Gear
Principal Technology Analyst