Thermal Material Opportunities for ADAS and Autonomy

The automotive market is trending towards greater levels of autonomy with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) becoming increasingly adopted to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians or even just to make driving a more convenient experience. ADAS encompasses a huge variety of functions from automatic emergency braking all the way to fully autonomous driving.
Something that all ADAS features have in common is the need for high quality sensors and the associated processing of their data. The quantity of sensors per vehicle also increases rapidly with greater levels of autonomy. These sensors and their evolution provide new markets for thermal management materials within the automotive industry, including thermal interface materials (TIMs), die attach, radar radome and multifunctional TIMs.
This webinar, based on the latest IDTechEx report "Thermal Management for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) 2023-2033" will cover the following:
  • Autonomy and ADAS in the automotive market
  • Sensor suites
  • Thermal management challenges in ADAS
  • Thermal interface materials for ADAS
  • Radar radome materials
  • Die attach for ADAS