Threats and Opportunities for Thermal Interface Materials

This webinar was originally broadcast on 19th May 2020
Thermal interface materials (TIM) are an essential, but often overlooked, area for any thermal management solution. TIMs come in numerous solid and liquid forms and are prevalent across multiple sectors in electronics and energy storage, with each application placing very particular property demands. IDTechEx has released the most detailed report on the topic and forecast significant shifts to both the materials used and market opportunities across the next decade.
To enable next-generation electronics, as well as growth in the most demanding of scenarios, players are looking for materials that offer greater and greater through-plane conductivity. As a result, manufacturers are beginning to turn to a range of advanced materials extending to anisotropically aligned nanocarbon fillers, emerging ceramic solutions, and beyond. At the same time, the global market landscape is undergoing a dramatic shift with industry trends in electrification, telecommunications, and more having notable impacts.
This webinar provides analysis on IDTechEx's latest research into thermal interface materials. This will include an overview of the material trends, the market landscape, and highlight two case studies.
The full work can be seen in "Thermal Interface Materials 2020-2030: Forecasts, Technologies, Opportunities". This leading market report on the topic gives forecast lines for over 50 application areas, detailed player profiles, and key insights on the topic.