Which Materials Will Be in Demand for Electric Vehicles?

The powertrain of an internal-combustion vehicle heavily utilises aluminium and steel alloys. Whilst these materials are also utilised in an electric vehicle, the Li-ion batteries alone require a great deal of nickel, cobalt, aluminium, lithium, copper, insulation, thermal interface materials and much more at the cell and pack level. Without the electric vehicle market, many of these materials would only see modest growth, but with the rapidly increasing electrification of the automotive market, these materials will see a huge rise in demand. Many of these materials also have a reputation for questionable mining practices and a localised supply chain leading to concerns in their future utilisation.
This webinar provides an introduction to the materials required for Li-ion electric vehicle batteries at the cell and pack level in addition to the materials utilised in electric drive motors. The webinar is based on the contents of the new IDTechEx report: "Materials for Electric Vehicles 2020-2030".
This webinar, presented by IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr James Edmondson, covers:
  • An overview of materials used in battery cells, battery packs, electric motors and high voltage cables.
  • Key OEM designs of battery packs and electric motors.
  • Shifts in OEM strategy for powertrain design.
  • The impact of the above on material demand.
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