Disruptive technologies, materials, and applications.
November 20 - 21, 2019 Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, USA

Exhibition Theater Agenda

Situated in the exhibition hall, the theater is open to both exhibition only and conference attendees.
You will hear about latest research and company highlights, Panel discussions and forums. The Exhibition theatre is also the venue for the IDTechEx awards ceremony.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Flexible and Structural Electronics: Manufacturing

10:30 am ASAHI KASEI Corporation
Mr Hiroaki Koyama, Assistant Manager- Product Development Gr.
10:50 am Accumold
Aaron Johnson, VP of Marketing and Customer Strategy
The Shrinking World - Micro Molding Essentials
11:10 am Seqens
Dr Andreanne Bolduc, Sales & Marketing Manager
Overcoming The Challenges In Process Development Of Materials For Organic Electronics

Economic Development Ministry

11:30 am Economic Development Ministry (SEDECO)
Mr Ernesto Sanchez, Minister of Economic Development Jalsico State
Jalisco The Tech Hub In Mexico, Business Opportunities


12:00 noon Carbon Waters
Dr Alban Chesneau, CEO
Liquid-Phase Chemical Exfoliation: Finally Cracking The Graphene Production Process?
12:20 pm Jenax Inc
Mrs EJ Shin, Marketing & New Business Development
12:40 pm GoLeafe
Ms Arsheen Allam, Founder and CEO
Production And Characterization Of Carbon Quantum Dots From Organic Sources And Its Application In Display Technologies.
1:00 pm Chungnam National University
Prof Soon-Gil Yoon, Director of BK21 Plus
Unexpected Predominant Electrical Performance Of Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Thin Film Transistors Based On Transfer-Free, Large-Scale, High-Quality, Monolayer Graphene Synthesized At 150 °C


1:40 pm Myant Inc.
Mr Milad Afshar Director of Advanced Materials & Self-Powered Sensors
Advanced Functional Materials In Healthcare Applications
2:00 pm Territory Studio
Mr Marti Romances Co-Founder & Creative Director
Designing Future Interfaces For Advanced Wearables (Huami Amazfit Verge)
2:40 pm Nanyang Technological University
Mr Yan Hao Tan, Graduate Research Officer
Generating Reliable Data From Duel-Wrist Wearables
3:20 pm NAMICS Technologies, Inc
Mr Ken Araujo, Regional Manager
Next Generation Stretchable Materials

Sensors, Systems and IoT

3:40 pm ULVAC, Inc.
Mr Mark Izushima, Senior Manager-Corporate Marketing
4:00 pm Arkema
Dr Thibaut Soulestin, R&D Engineer, Technical Support
Piezotech® Products: Fluorinated Electroactive Polymers for Printed Sensors, Actuators, and Electrocaloric.
4:20 pm PragmatIC
Dr Richard Price, CTO
Dream Big With PragmatIC
4:40 pm Toyobo
Mr Toshiyuki Tsuchiya, Coordinator, Corporate R&D Planning Department
Creating Flexible TFT Substrates With TOYOBO's Epoch-Making Manufacturing Technologies
5:20 pm Forciot Oy
Jani Hanninen Technical Sales Director
Stretchable Printed Electronics SOLUTIONS Will Revolutionize The Way How People Sense The World

Day 1 Ends - Awards Ceremony Commences

Thursday, November 21, 2019


Women in STEM

10:30 am ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems,
Ms Melanie Hoerr, Manager Technical Embroidery Application
FemTech Collective
Nicole Dahlstrom CEO
10:50 am Fujifilm North America Corporation
Dr Diana J. Hellman, Director-New Business Development
11:10 am e2ip Technologies
Julie Ferrigno, Research and Development Enginee

Dynamic Change in China - Your opportunities

11:50 am IDTechEx
Mr Ray Lung, AP Business Development Director
Dr Richard Collins, Senior Technology Analyst
Dr Luyun Jiang, Technology Analyst
Dr Na Jiao, Technology Analyst

Materials for Flexible, Hybrid and Printed Electronics

1:10 pm EMS
Mr Leonard Allison Business Manager
Jet-Dispensed SMT Adhesives For Durable Printed Electronics
1:30 pm DELO Industrial Adhesives
Dr Markus Schindler Product Manager
Novel Materials for Microelectronic Packaging
1:50 pm Xenon Corporation
Mr Michael Gnaegy, Vice President - Marketing & Product Management
Low Temperature Photonic Sintering For Printed Electronics
2:10 pm Lintec of America
Dr Marcio Lima Chief Application Scientist-Nano-Science & Tech. Center
Low Temperature Photonic Sintering For Printed Electronics
2:30 pm Software for Chemistry & Materials
Dr Fedor Goumans, Business Developer
Modeling Material Properties At The Atomistic Level
2:50 pm Plasmatreat
Dr Daphne Pappas, Manager, Applications/R&D
Abstract title: Plasma Surface Modification of Flexible Materials for Printed Electronics
3:10 pm E2IP Technologies/GGI Solutions
Mr Roy Bjorlin, Manager
Mr Jonathan LeRoy, Lead Industrial Designer
Molecular Ink (MINK) Conductive Ink Technology - Enabling Advanced Applications in Printed Electronics
3:30 pm BILIANA K The Art of Technology
Ms Biliana K Voden Aboutaam, Owner

Raghu Das - Emerging Technology and IDTechEx Show! Highlights

3:50 pm IDTechEx
Mr Raghu Das, CEO
Emerging Technology and IDTechEx Show! Highlights

Session Ends


Dynamic Change in China - Your opportunities

November 21

11.50am - 12.50pm
"Dynamic Change in China - Your opportunities" A series of talks by IDTechEx Analysts covering the markets and opportunities in China for key technologies including: Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, 5G/IoT, Displays, 3D Printing and more.

China has disrupted many technology industries. Solar photovoltaics rapidly moved to being mass manufactured in China. The highest volume desktop 3D Printer manufacturer is Chinese. The competition has also resulted in driving innovation. For example, the increase in LCD display manufacture in China was one of the key drivers for display companies to move to OLED displays - and now foldable OLED displays - to remain competitive. Consumers have greatly benefited.

This forum covers three areas where China is making huge gains, often not reported in European and American media. Specifically, it address the activities in advanced materials, such as graphene and light weight materials; China's 5G and IoT activities and goals; and the strong focus of electric vehicles in China. The data has been collected by, and will be presented by, IDTechEx analysts who closely study the global emerging technology trends.


Mr Ray Lung
AP Business Development Director
Introduction And Overview

Dr Richard Collins
Senior Technology Analyst
China's Progress In Advanced Materials

Dr Luyun Jiang
Technology Analyst

Dr Na Jiao
Technology Analyst
Electric Vehicles And China

Women In STEM

Thursday, November 21

10.30am - 11.30am
IDTechEx is proud to host a panel discussion on "The Case for Diversity: Increasing Inclusion in Tech" at the IDTechEx Show! Santa Clara 2019. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a strong emphasis being placed on increasing the representation of women and minorities in STEM but the questions still remains on what more needs to be done to achieve parity. Our panel discussion aims to shed light on some of the experiences to date of women in STEM fields and why there is such a strong business case for increasing inclusion.

The panel will be held at the Exhibition Theatre of the IDTechEx Show! in the Santa Clara Convention Center on Thursday November 21 at 10.30am - 11.30am . There will refreshments served at the back of the Exhibition Theatre at the end of the discussion for both the audience members and participants.


Clare Newell, IDTechEx

Ms Melanie Hoerr, ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems

Nicole Dahlstrom, CEO, FemTech Collective

Dr Diana J. Hellman, Fujifilm North America Corporation

Julie Ferrigno, Research and Development Engineer, e2ip Technologies