Due diligence, investment decision and M&A

IDTechEx will support you in making your investment and acquisition decisions. IDTechEx can help you if you want to:

  • Evaluate the technology, IP position, and likely growth rates of small- to medium-sized firms
  • Identify, select and evaluate acquisition targets that complement your business
  • Perform independent due diligence before making an investment or partnership commitment

Methodology outline

Client Needs Selection Criteria Player Profiling Due Diligence Recommendation
  • Sign NDA
  • Understand investment and/or acquisition objectives and strategy
  • Work with clients to develop a detailed selection criteria factoring in growth potential, revenue, company size, technology match, strategic investors, scale up potential, manufacturing costs, etc
  • Identify potential target companies
  • Visit and/or interview target companies
  • Profile companies factoring in customers, partners, technology, business model size, revenue, competition, etc
  • Detailed Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis
  • Assess medium- and long-term potential growth prospective
  • Assess technology readiness and competitive advantage
  • Assess IP and other core assets core assets
  • Assess fit with selection criteria
  • Present recommendations in an interactive session

Why choose us?

  • IDTechEx has an extensive interview programme for reaching out to organizations, small or large, around the world. This is an excellent source of information for learning the latest developments.
  • PhD level analysts travel the world extensively to attend conferences and tradeshows to learn and interpret the latest developments. Analysts also regularly visit clients to stay up-to-date with latest commercial progress. Between January and September 2013, IDTechEx analysts visited China, Japan, Korea, USA, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada and UK
  • IDTechEx organises three leading conferences and tradeshows around the world each year, in Japan, Germany and the USA.
  • IDTechEx operates independent online journals tracking the latest commercial and academic work in the industry. Examples are Printed Electronics World, Electric Vehicle Research and Energy Harvesting Journal

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