Mobile Robotics in Logistics: Hundreds of Billion Dollar Market in 20 Years?

Pushed by the COVID pandemic, global labour shortage and the rapid growth of e-commerce and e-grocery, mobile robotic systems are being adopted by an increasing number of companies in their warehouses, factories, fulfilment centres and nearly all other places involved in the logistic chain. Compared to fixed automation solutions, such as AS/RS systems, conveyors and fixed robotic devices, mobile robots have the capability to move around in a given environment to efficiently and flexibly automate the operations.
Since vastly different tasks are included in the entire logistic chain, there are a variety of product forms of mobile robots. For example, infrastructure-dependent automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and freely moving autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) can be found indoors in warehouses, while on-road autonomous trucks and autonomous last mile delivery vans can be used for long-haul and short-range deliveries. Overall, the logistics mobile robotics market will constantly grow and eventually become a market with the size of hundreds of billion dollars. But due to the various product forms, each market has a different current landscape and future trend to others, facing different challenges that could significantly impact the market expansion and growth.
In this webinar, Technology Analyst Zehao Li shares the research from IDTechEx's new report, "Mobile Robotics in Logistics, Warehousing and Delivery 2022-2042", discussing the current state and future of the growing but complex market.
This webinar will include:
  • An introduction to mobile robots and how they can be used in logistics
  • What makes mobile robots an attractive solution to logistics automation
  • Discussion of key enabling technologies and components
  • Analysis of the current market and major market players
  • Discussion of current technological and regulatory barriers that might restrict the market growth
  • An overview of IDTechEx's independent forecasts for mobile robotics in logistics


Zehao Li
Zehao Li
Technology Analyst