April 10 - 11, 2019 Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany
Connecting Emerging Technologies With Global Brands.



Inbound Shipping to Show

Schenker Deutschland is the official shipping partner of the IDTechEx Show! The show site (Estrel) can receive freight up to 1 EURO PALLET (1200 x 800 mm) size only. All other freight and material handling must be booked through Schenker, and shipments sent to the advance warehouse address for delivery to your stand.

Show Site Address

[Company Name] | [Stand Number]
10-11 April 2019
c/o Estrel Berlin (IDTechEx Show!) 
Sonnenallee 225, 12057 BERLIN

Tel: +49 30 6831 22566

Deliveries can be accepted and stored by the Estrel from the 5th April free of charge*. Please ensure you label all your goods with the following information: company name, contact person, full address, name of the event, stand number, name and mobile telephone number of the person responsible on-site. The Estrel have provided a template address label for you to fill in this information and attach to your goods: "Show Site Shipping Label", which you can download from this page.

Show Site Shipping Label

Deliveries can only be accepted by the Estrel receiving department from Monday to Saturday, between the hours 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

*Please note that the Estrel will store your stand items free of charge for up to 3 days prior to the event (from Friday, 5th April). For any delivery received before Friday, 5th April you will be charged €25 per packet per day and €75 per EURO pallet (1 EURO PALLET = 1200 x 800 mm) per day.

Advance Shipping Address

Schenker Deutschland AG
Department Stadtmesse Berlin
Jafféstrasse 2 / Servicegebäude Süd
14055 Berlin

Please mark on package:
"IDTechEx Show! 2019"
Exhibitor Name / Stand Number:
Estrel Convention Center 
On-site Exhibitor Contact and Mobile Number
Package Nr.: _ of  _

Transfer from Schenker Warehouse to Venue:
Please note transfer tariffs below.
> Handling at warehouse, transfer to Estrel Convention Center and delivery to exhibition stand (excl. customs formalities).

Please see pg. 5 of the Shipping Manual for a courier notification form which must be submitted before you ship. 

Schenker Transfer Tariff

Please see the tariff guide for transfer costs, but please also contact Schenker to discuss your requirements.

1 cbm = 250 kgs  


000 - 030 kgs   EURO 115,00
031 - 100 kgs   EURO 155,00
101 - 300 kgs   EURO 227,00
301 - 500 kgs   EURO 270,00
from 501 kgs  per 100 kgs  EURO 47,00

Outbound Shipping from Show

The exhibition will close at 4.30 pm (after the last break) on Thursday, 11th April.

All exhibitor freight MUST be scheduled for pick-up from the show site by your carrier. Scheduling a pick-up with your carrier is YOUR responsibility.

Pick up Address

[Sender Name]
[Company Name] | [Stand Number]
c/o Estrel Berlin (IDTechEx Show!)
Sonnenallee 225
Tel: +49 30 6831 22566

The only courier/logistics company on-site will be Schenker; you may pre-book with them, or book with them on-site. They will be on-site on Thursday, 11th April from 15.00-18.00 for dismantle, and can be found at the cubicworx Services Desk. Please contact them directly either for a quote or to pre-book.

You may of course use any courier company, but you will need to organise your own shipment handling, customs documents and pick-up from the Estrel with this company, if not Schenker. For items less than 1 EURO pallet size (1200 x 800 mm) the Estrel can store your items free of charge for up to 3 days after the event, but the pick up by a shipping or courier service must be arranged through your company and a storage note completed on-site with the Estrel. Please arrange pick-up for Thursday, 11th April.

Contact Schenker

Mike Penkert

Phone: +49 30 301 2995 442
Fax: +49 30 301 2995 8442
Mobile: +49 151 613 38 063

Stefanie Wilhelm

Phone: +49 30 301 2995 443
Mobile: +49 160 9741 6710