Smart Packaging USA 2004

Conferences - Smart Packaging USA 2004

27 - 28 January 2004

Packaging - On The Verge Of Radical Change This unique conference programme comes at a crucial time when key players are now working together to make intelligent packaging a commercially viable, cost-effective catalyst for change. Intelligent packaging has the power to decimate supply chain costs, save lives, permit premium pricing and increase sales through fewer stock-outs and new consumer propositions. What Is Intelligent & Smart Packaging? Smart packaging can be defined as a pack which incorporates a disposable device which interacts with the consumer or its environment. There are a vast number of technologies and applications within this remit, but this conference programme focuses on the most important and significant ones likely to radically change brand management and the supply chain during the next ten years. Major influencing technologies include: # Polymer film that emits or filters gases # Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) # Polymer and other laminar electronics, eg the transparent electronic package, the disposable moving colour display, and speech and voice recording # Smart Inks and Diagnostics that reveal bacteria, mishandling etc. Significant packaging applications include: # Fun and information features such as sound and image interactivity to enhance brand packaging # Supply chain tagging for tracking, tracing and control # Time-temperature and toxin indicators for demonstrating freshness, doneness, product integrity, quality and safety etc. including the new electronic versions # Consumer interactivity and error prevention - dosage devices, refrigerator reordering, auto cooking in the microwave, disposable timers on dye etc. # New automated security and anti-counterfeiting devices, often controlling product diversion, quality etc.
Optional Pre-Conference Briefing Session Monday 26 January 2004, 1pm-5pm An Introduction To Technologies & Applications Of Intelligent Packaging Intelligent and smart packaging covers a huge spectrum of radically fast developing technologies and applications. Our optional pre-conference briefing is the ideal way to quickly get up to speed with the major markets, the key players and the most important technologies likely to shape retail, postal, healthcare and other packaging and consumer products in the future. Independent experts from IDTechEx will lead the workshop and ensure participants gain a thorough introduction to the technologies and applications of smart and intelligent packaging in an interactive session. This half-day briefing session provides a unique opportunity to see demonstrations and handle samples. You can bring your questions and concerns to session leaders and fill in the gaps in your knowledge prior to the main conference. You will take away a personal copy of the tutorial slides. So if you need to know your RFID from your EPC, your magic inks from your electronic polymers and your tags from your sensors, this comprehensive one-stop briefing session is a must. All attendees at this session will receive one year's free subscription to the monthly IDTechEx Smart Packaging Journal, worth $640 Topics covered: * The dream, the definitions and the jargon. Electronic, electrical, mechanical and chemical smart packaging. Benefits and impediments. - Dr Peter Harrop, IDTechEx * Electronic smart packaging - EAS, RFID, RFID with sensing, other disposable electronics, eg, talking, recording, displaying. Why the big take-off in orders? Future killer applications. The value chain. Smart shelves, instant audit, market forecasts. - Raghu Das, IDTechEx * Self cooling and self heating packages. Electrostatic aerosols. Beer widgets. Packages that become another product, leveraging the brand. Technologies and trends. - Dr Paul Butler, Oxford University * Smart label reliability; effects of media on viability of smart label applications. 3 beta site tests, including a UPS and USPS test as well as a paper base stock roll trial and the labelling of cartons. For the first time in a public forum, a review of market survey results regarding the needs of smart label media as seen by different members in the channel. - Vincent Reese, Appleton * Tom Grinnan, MeadWestvaco Networking Opportunities Networking drinks reception at Star Trek: The Experience - Tuesday 27 January 6pm - 8pm Boldly go where no other 21stC human has ever gone. Into a world of aliens, starships and transporters. Experience the USS Enterprise with fellow delegates, speakers and the odd evil Klingon for an informal networking session. Star Trek: The Experience, is conveniently situated within the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and all the conference attendees are invited to attend this drinks reception at the end of the first day's formal speaker programme. An ideal opportunity to find out more about what your competitors, your customers and your suppliers will be working on in the future. Optional Meet the Experts Dinner - Monday 26 January 2004 7pm - 10pm We recognise that networking with fellow experts and industry colleagues is an important way for you as a delegate to glean valuable information about industry trends and current practice. We have organised an optional evening dinner with the chance to dine with fellow conference attendees and make contacts before the main conference begins in earnest. To reserve your place simply indicate on the booking form that you would like to attend. Form There will also be plenty of time to meet your fellow delegates in the breaks throughout the event.
What they said about Intelligent and Smart Packaging 2003 "I had a sense of history in the making at this conference" James Cox, Cox Technologies "Gave sense of what's coming" Kalle Marsal, Hewlett Packard "Excellent - I feel like I am in the loop and up to speed. At the very least my foot is on the accelerator pedal" Ted Irish, Novartis "The conference agenda and quality of attendees was outstanding" Kevin Hayes, Brady Corporation "Great forum to learn cutting-edge technology and corresponding consumer and commercial needs of end users and the channel" Vincent Reese, Appleton "Thought provoking! The conference brought out an excellent mix of current and emerging technologies" Jim Rittenburg, Biocode, Inc. "Great networking" Roger Phillips, Flex Products, Inc. "Excellent overview of consumer goods 'value-added' packaging" Kenneth Shanton, Smurfit-Stone Why Attend? Recent research indicates that the market for global intelligent packaging could reach US$500 million by 2007. Intelligent packaging will totally transform the retail, military and healthcare environment. However, there are many barriers to full scale implementation of intelligent technologies - high costs, consumer privacy and acceptance issues. This conference and the optional introductory pre-conference briefing bring together a unique forum of experts in intelligent packaging. They will address the crucial issues, debate future opportunities and provide practical knowledge and case studies on applications currently in use. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to implement a strategy within your own organisation for making your packaging and your part in the supply chain or the service sector smarter. Who Should Attend? This conference has been extensively researched with and subsequently tailored towards: * Brand owners and consumer goods companies - especially within food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, clothing, luxury goods, toys and electronics markets * Retailers and supply chain partners * Suppliers and manufacturers of intelligent and smart packaging and related technologies * Packaging converters * Academics and research institutes * Those responsible for selecting, marketing and specifying packaging as well as driving forward supply chain and consumer innovation for consumer goods, should not miss this unique program * It is especially relevant to packaging development managers and packaging buyers, directors of research and development, product marketing and brand managers, as well as technical directors