Fuel Cell Solar Long Endurance UAV and 2-Seat H2 Fuel Cell Aircraft Tests

Prof Giulio Romeo, Professor Aircraft Design and Aerospace Structures
Jun 29, 2011.


ENFICA-FC Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

  • Advantages of very-long endurance UAV with respect to safety aspects in air traffic control
  • Main technologies involved in the long endurance flights
  • Flight tests of solar powered UAV: Operational experience, current limitations and future developments
  • Realization of an all electric-motor-driven two-seat airplane powered by fuel cells
  • Flight test results including a new speed world record of 135 km/h

Speaker Biography (Giulio Romeo)

Full Professor of Aircraft Design and Aerospace Structures at Turin Polytechnic University. Responsible for the Platform Design of the first EC funded Project "HELINET: Network of the Stratospheric Platforms -UAV- for Traffic Monitoring, Environmental Surveillance and Broad-band Services". High Altitude Very-Long Endurance Solar and Fuel Cell Powered Platform. Coordinator, of the EC funded Project ENFICA-FC (ENvironmentally Friendly Inter City Aircraft powered by Fuel Cells) to validate the use of a fuel cell based power system for propulsion of more/all electric aircraft. The First European two-seat electric-motor-driven airplane powered by fuel cells was validated by flight-test (May 2010). Partner & Scientific Responsible of the EC or ESA funded projects:
UAVNET: Civilian UAV Thematic Network: Technologies, Applications, Certification. CAPECON: Civil UAV Applications & Economic Effectivity of Potential Configuration Solutions. TANGO (Telecommunications Advanced Networks for Gmes Operation). STRATOS "Stratospheric Platform: A definition study for an ESA system".

Company Profile (ENFICA-FC)

ENvironmentally Friendly Inter City Aircraft powered by Fuel Cells (ENFICA-FC): The ENFICA-FC project led by Politecnico di Torino and comprising 11 partners has been selected for co-funding by the European Commission in the Aeronautics and Space priority of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). The main objective of the ENFICA-FC project is to develop and validate the use of a fuel cell based power system for the propulsion of more/all electric aircrafts. The fuel cell system will be installed in a selected aircraft which will be flight and performance tested as a proof of functionality and future applicability for inter city aircrafts.
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