Opportunities in the Field of Flexible and Disposable Electronics Applications

Dr Luigi Occhipinti, R&D - Program Director
ST Microelectronics
Apr 04, 2012.

Speaker Biography (Luigi Occhipinti)

Luigi Occhipinti was born in Ragusa (Italy) 1968. He graduated in Electronics Engineering at the University of Catania in 1992, and obtained a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering in 1995, with a dissertation thesis on Hybrid Intelligent Systems Technology and Applications.
Since 1995, Luigi Occhipinti is working with STMicroelectronics, where he is in charge of international cooperative research project management and head of a multidisciplinary research group devoted to organic and hybrid processing technologies, within the Post Silicon technology department, a central R&D group of STMicroelectronics.
His scientific interests include emerging technologies in the areas of organic, molecular and biomolecular electronics, hybrid materials and systems, as well as self/organization and self/assembly to unconventional lithography processes.
He is member of the board and scientific committees of several European research programs in the field of polymer electronics and nanotechnology applications, based on the use of organic molecules, carbon nanotubes and hybrid technologies for novel electronic devices and systems.
Luigi Occhipinti is author of 60 scientific publications in international journals and conference contributions and inventor of 25 industrial patents granted in Europe, USA and Japan.