Recent Progress and Future Trend of OLED Technologies for Lighting Application

Prof Takuya Komoda, Research Director
Panasonic Corporation
Apr 03, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

  • Reduction of the energy consumption in Lighting is a very important challenge in order to conserve our Earth.
  • By fluorescent blue / phosphorescent green & red hybrid structure, 56 lm/W / CRI > 91/ LT50 > 150,000 h was achieved in large panels.
  • All phosphorescent white OLED has the great potentiality in efficacy
up to 128 lm/W, which would be the highest value ever reported on WOLED.
  • Panasonic launched OLED lighting business last year and would like to expand rapidly this year.

Speaker Biography (Takuya Komoda)

Takuya Komoda joined Panasonic Electric Works Co. Ltd. (now Panasonic Corporation) in 1978 after graduating from Kyoto University. He has been working on semiconductor process and device design technology.
From 1991 to 1997, he directed the UK laboratory in the United Kingdom and conducted the research on nanocrystalline silicon and its visible light emission property. In 1997, he received Ph.D. from the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK. From 2002 He has been working on Organic LED. From 2007, he has been the project leader of the NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization: Japanese public R&D management body) project on "the Development of Next Generation High Efficient and High Quality OLED Lighting".
He is now Research Director of the R&D Planning office, Eco Solutions Company, Panasonic Corporation. He is also teaching at Osaka University, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology and Yamagata University as a Visiting Professor.

Company Profile (Panasonic)

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Since the founding of our company in 1918, we at Panasonic have been providing better living for our customers, always making 'people' central to our activities, and thus focusing on 'people's lives'. Going forward from this, and based on our innovative electronics technology, we will continue to provide a wide variety of products, systems and services.
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