Solar-Electric Propulsion of Boats and Small Passenger Craft - History and Perspectives

Andreas Kindlimann, Technical Director
Grove Boats
Jun 29, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • Review of past and current electric boat building
  • Recent developments in electric propulsion for passenger craft
  • Lessons learned from pioneering projects like Sun21, Planet Solar and Solar Odyssey
  • The future of solar powered watercraft

Speaker Biography (Andreas Kindlimann)

After his degrees in Small Craft Technology in the UK (BEng and MSc), Andreas Kindlimann worked in various boatyards and design offices before setting up the Switzerland based company Grove-Boats. Having worked with MW-Line before, he has been involved in the design and building of the first Solar-powered craft that crossed the Atlantic, ocean (SUN21), as well as in the early design stages of Planet-Solar, the giant catamaran, that currently circumnavigates the globe. Today his main activity within Grove Boats SA is the conception of small to medium sized solar powered passenger craft.

Company Profile (Grove Boats)

Grove Boats logo
Grove Boats SA designs, builds and commercializes electro-solar and hybrid boats intended for passenger transportation for 12 to 100 passengers. The products are designed in Switzerland, built in Europe and used throughout the world and combine nautical know-how and "clean" technology. The company undertakes also engineering mandates related to navigation in the area of clean power with a solid expertise that ranges from naval architecture to electrical engineering including hybrid motorization.
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