Transparent Conductors : The Great Leap Forward with Silver Nanowires

Mr John LeMoncheck, President & CEO
Cambrios Technologies Corporation
United States

Presentation Summary

Silver nanowire based transparent conductors have been replacing traditional materials in touch screen applications. As new applications such as flexible displays and touch screens, flexible solar cells, OLED lighting, emerge, silver nanowires will lead the transparent conductor revolution due to its inherent properties that are ideally suited for these applications.

Speaker Biography (John LeMoncheck)

John LeMoncheck is a distinguished leader of both startups and public companies. Prior to Cambrios, LeMoncheck was president and CEO at SiBEAM, a leader in millimeter wave solutions and developer of high-speed wireless communications technology. Under LeMoncheck's leadership, the company successfully shipped WirelessHD products to the consumer electronics and PC markets and was acquired by Silicon Image in 2011. Before joining SiBEAM, LeMoncheck was vice president of Consumer Electronics and PC/Display Products for Silicon Image, where he led the company's successful launch and commercialization of the HDMI standard. An industry veteran, LeMoncheck held executive roles at various technology companies including TeraLogic, subsequently purchased by Zoran and now owned by CSR, Arithmos, Inc., which was successfully acquired by STMicroelectronics and was also a member of technical staff at Synaptics. He has a bachelor's of science degree in Electrical Engineering from U.C. San Diego and spent several years researching VLSI for imaging and pattern recognition applications at Caltech.

Company Profile (Cambrios)

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Cambrios is an electronic materials company that develops proprietary, competitive products using nanotechnology. Cambrios implements its novel technology to simplify electronics manufacturing processes, improve end-product performance and identify ways to satisfy unmet industry needs. The company's first product is ClearOhmTM coating material that produces a transparent, conductive film by wet processing. ClearOhmTM films have improved properties by comparison to currently used materials such as indium tin oxide and other transparent conductive oxides. Applications of ClearOhmTM coating material include transparent electrodes for touch screens, liquid crystal displays, e-paper, OLED devices, and thin film photovoltaics.
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