Use of Stretchable Systems for Renal Function Monitoring

Prof Norbert Gretz, Head of the Medical Research Center
University of Heidelberg
Apr 04, 2012.

Presentation Summary

  • New system for a transcutaneous measurement of renal function
  • Minimal invasive approach
  • Principle: injection of an organ specific fluorescent dye, measurement of its disappearance over time
  • Other organ functions may be measured similarly

Speaker Biography (Norbert Gretz)

Prof. Dr. Norbert Gretz
Director of the Institute of Medical Technology and Medical Research Center
University of Heidelberg
  • Born 1954
  • Studies: university of Heidelberg, medical exam 1980, MD 1980
  • Education in internal medicine (nephrology), sports medicine and statistics; Heidelberg/Mannheim, London, Pisa
  • Prof. for experimental medicine, university of Heidelberg, 2001
  • Head of the Institute for Medical Technology, University of Heidelberg

Company Profile (University of Heidelberg)

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