Battery Replacement With Motion Energy Harvesting - Real World Case Studies (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2019)

Michel Salters, Sales Manager

Speaker Biography (Michel Salters)

Michel was born in Rotterdam in 1962 and still lives there. He is married and has three children. After completing his technical education he starts working first as a maintenance engineer and later on progresses towards sales and marketing roles. After successfully fulfilling positions at Koning&Hartman, Computer Associates, Roxen Internet Software, Consul and IBM he is active as Sales Manager at Kinergizer since beginning of 2019.

Company Profile (Kinergizer)

Kinergizer Is a high-tech company originating from the TU Delft that designs and builds Motion Energy Harvesters. We deliver the ability to power your wireless "sensor" with the vibrations of the machine or system it is mounted on. Until now Motion Energy Harvesting has been a promise that hasn't been able to deliver just yet. Kinergizer is working hard to bring it's technology to go mass-production soon.
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