Direct Digital Manufacturing of PEEK/PAEK Composite Parts (3D Printing USA 2015)

Mr Hemant Bheda, Founder
Arevo Labs
United States


USA 2015 Presentation - Arevo Labs*

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Presentation Summary

1. PEEK/PAEK Composite Parts for Aerospace, Medical, Oil & Gas offer the benefits of manufacturing lighter, stronger parts with complex geometries that can not be made with conventional methods.
2. The presentation will discuss three components of AREVO technology :
1. AM Optimized PEEK/PAEK material formulation properties
2. Multi-axis build platform
3. Intelligent software for optimizing the design and true 3d tool path creation
3. Examples of O & G, Automotive, Medical & Aerospace parts

Speaker Biography (Hemant Bheda)

Hemant Bheda is co-founder and Chairman of AREVO Inc. Prior to founding AREVO, Mr. Bheda was the CEO of Quantum Polymers which specializes in High Performance Polymers. Mr. Bheda is a serial entrepreneur, who has launched several successful startups over the past 20 years. He has Master of Science in Engineering.

Company Profile (AREVO Inc.)

AREVO Inc. logo
AREVO®, based in Silicon Valley, California, develops technology to enable direct digital additive manufacturing of ultra-strong, lightweight composite parts for end use applications in high volume. With a unique combination of breakthrough materials, powerful design/build software, and free motion robotics for the first "true 3D" construction, AREVO is moving beyond prototypes by enabling the design and fabrication of large, mass-produced parts and structures, quickly leading 3D printing into mainstream manufacturing. AREVO provides designers and manufacturers with unprecedented freedom to unlock the unparalleled strength and weight of composite materials for a wide range of consumer and industrial products and has seen early success manufacturing CFRTP composite parts for OEM customers.
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