Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), The Internet Of Things (IoT) And Modernization Of The Electric Grid - An Overview (Internet of Things Applications USA 2016)

Dr Peter Fuhr, Distinguished Scientist
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
United States


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Presentation Summary

This presentation will provide: an overview of methods for improved knowledge of equipment condition which will allow asset owners to better manage their fleet; a review of measurement needs in the generation, transmission and distribution components of the modern grid; and reporting on a Dept of Energy (DOE) sponsored research activity - part of the Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium (GMLC) program - at a metropolitan utility (EPB, Chattanooga TN) where UASs with advanced sensors are integrated into the utility's fiber optic communication network providing critical Asset Monitoring capabilities.
Use cases to be presented range from sensors on mobile platforms (way beyond simple cameras on drones) to substation and vault monitoring (corona discharge, cellsignal detection, chemical, acoustic, thermal, ambient environment anomalies) to automated, control-center controlled mobile platform inspection of transmission/distribution lines and poles.
The presentation concludes with a look at the "visible future" where UASs are stationed at critical locations throughout the grid, powered via energy harvesting techniques and flown in autonomous manners for way-point defined grid inspection.

Speaker Biography (Peter Fuhr)

Dr. Peter Fuhr has been involved in industrial wireless, sensors, and secure systems for 30+ years as a NASA space optical physicist, university professor, and serial entrepreneur. Dr. Fuhr, Distinguished Scientist, Measurement Science and System Engineering Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory serves as the Co-chair of The Secure Infrastructure Controls Society, is the Director of the Association for Advanced Agricultural Technology, is the co-founder and past Chairman of the Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance, is the co-founder of ISA100 - The Standard for Industrial Wireless and is the co-chair of ISA's Communication Division.

Company Profile (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

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