Will The Newest Wearable Device Leave You Itching For More? (Wearable USA 2017)

Mary Dothage, Team Leader
EAG Laboratories
United States
Dr Thomas Lewandowski, Toxicologist
United States

Presentation Summary

Wearables include smart watches, smart clothing and eyewear which, in addition to the base material, may contain various additives such as plasticizers, UV stabilizers, pigments or antimicrobials. The choices made in materials of construction leads to concerns about chemical exposure. How safe are these devices for the consumer? Are chemical allergens present? Will these chemicals leach out when the device is being used as intended? Could these chemicals leach and cause an allergic reaction?
In a joint study by EAG Laboratories and Gradient Corporation, we apply analytical chemistry and toxicology to evaluate the potential skin irritants or allergens of wearable materials. Learn how scientists design studies to evaluate wearable safety and avoid a rash of problems, including product recall, lawsuits, and regulatory agency inquiries.

Speaker Biography (Mary Dothage)

Mary Dothage is a 15-year veteran employee of EAG Laboratories. During her time at EAG, Mary has worked as a scientist in the laboratory as well as coordinated projects as a manager. While in the laboratory, Mary completed a variety of project types which include custom organic synthesis, process development, analytical method development, and method validation. Because of this varied background Mary currently supervises a technical staff focused on solving problems related to consumer products, such as extractables/leachables, contaminant identification, failure analysis and deformulation.

Speaker Biography (Thomas Lewandowski)

Dr. Lewandowski is a toxicologist and chemist working in Gradient's Seattle, Washington office. He has over 25 years of experience in the areas of product safety evaluation, pharmacokinetics, metals toxicology, and developmental toxicology. He works with a number of tech companies, both established firms and start ups, to help them ensure the safety of their products before and after launch. He is an affiliate faculty member at the University of Washington School of Public Health where he lectures on toxicology and risk assessment. In 2012-2013, he served as chair of the Society of Toxicology's Education Committee, which works to increase science literacy and public knowledge of toxicology. He is an author of numerous book chapters and manuscripts relating to the practice of risk assessment, occupational health and consumer product toxicology. He is board certified in toxicology in the US as well as Europe.

Company Profile (EAG Laboratories)

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EAG Laboratories, a global scientific services company, offers a broad suite of specialized services to a vast array of science & technology-related industries. Through multidisciplinary expertise in the life, materials and engineering sciences, EAG helps wearable technology companies innovate and improve products, ensure quality, protect intellectual property and comply with evolving global regulations.
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Company Profile (Gradient Technologies)

Gradient is an environmental and risk sciences consulting firm renowned for our specialties in toxicology, chemistry, epidemiology, risk assessment, product safety, contaminant fate and transport, industrial hygiene, and GIS. We employ sound science to assist clients in resolving their complex problems relating to chemicals in consumer products and the environment.