Wireless Sensor Networks for Improved Home & Building Energy Efficiency (Wireless Sensor Networks and RTLS Europe 2011)

Amit Shah, CEO
E-Senza Technologies GmbH
Juin 22, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • Wireless sensor networks for home & building monitoring help reducing energy consumption & carbon emissions.
  • Improved visibility and predictive maintenance through simple, comprehensive and accurate conditioning & meter data collection.
  • Selected case studies demonstrating real customer benefits.

Speaker Biography (Amit Shah)

Amit Shah, founder and CEO of E-Senza is an engineer with 16 years of management and technology experience. Earlier in his career, Amit successfully founded and grew two companies and demonstrated his ability to foresee customer needs. At Siemens Postal Automation he was in charge of large international projects. In his entrepreneurial role he has a proven track record to market products and services.

Company Profile (E-Senza)

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E-Senza Technologies, located in Konstanz Germany, is a market leader in low-power, reliable wireless device networking solutions for industrial applications. E-Senza enables OEMs and end users to quick bring to market and deploy standards-based or proprietary wireless monitoring or control solutions that result in increased safety, improved quality, and enhanced operation efficiency. E-Senza products and solutions are used by major companies in a variety of industries and by system integrators around the world. For more information visit http://www.e-senza.com.
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