Research Articles

09 Aug 2022

Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Paves Way to Data-Centric Future

If the future were to be categorized in one word, it would be "data-centric". IC vendors have been pushed towards "advanced semiconductor packaging" to meet the world's data needs.
08 Aug 2022

Bioplastics to Rapidly Expand With CAGR 10.1%, Says IDTechEx

As bioplastic materials transition from being a "nice-to-have" to materials with a very strong, viable business case, manufacturers are racing to keep up with demand. With all this activity, IDTechEx forecasts global annual bioplastics production capacity to grow at a CAGR of 10.1% over the next ten years.
08 Aug 2022

Upcoming Webinar - Zero-Emission Trucks: Batteries or Fuel Cells?

Thursday 11 August 2022 - The 2021 sales of zero-emission trucks and the addressable market; What zero-emission trucks need to deliver for commercial rollout; Key enabling technologies: batteries/motors/charging; The role of battery and fuel cell trucks; IDTechEx's outlook for zero-emission truck deployment
05 Aug 2022

Powertrain Efficiency: Sustaining EV Growth in an Era of Shortages

2022 continues to present great challenges for electric vehicle makers, but despite these challenges electric vehicle markets have continued to grow. However, in an era of shortages, disruption is inevitable. IDTechEx believes improvements to drive cycle efficiency and vehicle design, minimizing battery capacity and other material requirements per vehicle, must come to the forefront.
04 Aug 2022

Three Technologies Taking DNA Diagnostics Into the Home

In recent times, we have all experienced the value of diagnostics used in the comfort and ease of our own homes. Imagine if we could look for other infectious diseases just as easily, with less invasive, self-administered, highly accurate, and reliable tests. With the convergence of advances in telehealth and biotechnology, this is the direction that the diagnostics industry is heading towards.
02 Aug 2022

The Dichotomy Influencing the 3D Printing Materials Market

Open vs closed materials systems: In this article, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Sona Dadhania discusses how the dichotomy between "open" materials systems and "closed" materials systems (also known as platforms or architectures) affects the growth and utilization of materials for additive manufacturing.
28 Jul 2022

Vertical Farming: Location a Key Factor to Success

Vertical farming, the practice of growing crops indoors on vertically stacked layers, has received no small amount of interest over the last few years. The recent IDTechEx report, "Vertical Farming 2022-2032", details the economic and technological factors shaping this rapidly growing industry.
27 Jul 2022

IDTechEx Assess the Next Commercial Phase of the Graphene Market

To date, the commercialization of graphene has been more of a "material push" rather than a "market pull"; a solution looking for a problem. In this first phase, there were numerous technical and commercial barriers to overcome, which in materials science does not happen overnight. IDTechEx believes that this is changing, with graphene entering the next stage, the growth phase, of its commercial journey.
26 Jul 2022

Perovskite PV: Resolving the Stability Challenge

Perovskite PV is an exciting new solar power technology. The new report published by IDTechEx, "Perovskite Photovoltaics 2023-2033", explores the commercialization potential of perovskite PV and identify the challenges remaining.
22 Jul 2022

Webinar - Haptics Market: Embracing the Next Wave of Rapid Growth

Thursday 4 August 2022 - Clarifying the definition and types of haptics; Use cases of haptics in different industries; Haptic technology benchmarking; Analysis of the current market landscape; Key market challenges in the short-term future; Key long-term market drivers; and Some key takeaways from IDTechEx forecasts
21 Jul 2022

Razer Acquires Interhaptics Revealing the Trend of Haptic Technologies

Razer, one of the leading global companies providing gaming hardware, announced the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Go Touch VR SAS, also known as Interhaptics, a French startup founded in 2017 and specialized in haptics tools and software. What does this tell us about trends in haptics?
21 Jul 2022

Webinar: Thermal Material Opportunities for ADAS and Autonomy

Thursday 28 July 2022 - this free-to-attend webinar will include Autonomy and ADAS in the automotive market; Sensor suites; Thermal management challenges in ADAS; Thermal interface materials for ADAS; Radar radome materials; and Die attach for ADAS.