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Research Articles

19 Jul 2024

Dissolving the Plastic Waste Problem: Exploring a Nascent Technology

The advanced recycling market predominantly focuses on technologies like pyrolysis and depolymerization (thermal, chemical, and enzymatic). To a lesser extent, methods such as gasification and hydrothermal liquefaction are also being explored. However, these technologies face increasing scrutiny and restrictions in some regions due to their environmental impact.
18 Jul 2024

Materials Informatics: Solving Challenges in Materials R&D

Materials informatics is transforming how materials companies approach R&D, bringing data-centric approaches, including AI and machine learning, to materials science to reduce costs and develop new products faster.
17 Jul 2024

Upcoming Webinar Providing Insights Into the CCUS Space

Thursday 1 August 2024 - How Emerging Business Models and Technologies Will Accelerate Point-Source CCUS Deployment. This webinar will explore the CCUS business model, including methods of profiting from CCUS even within the current regulatory landscape, and how carbon markets are set to shape the future of CCUS.
16 Jul 2024

Why Tractors Make a Surprisingly Good Fit for Next-Gen Batteries

Electrification is tough. It has taken around 15 years to convince car owners that battery power is a viable alternative to their fossil fuel comfort blanket. In the construction, agriculture, and mining industries, electrification is an even steeper uphill battle. In these industries, if a machine runs out of battery, the operators will soon start losing money.
15 Jul 2024

Afforestation, Bioenergy with Carbon Capture, and Direct Ocean Capture

IDTechEx Explores Carbon Dioxide Removal Technologies - Carbon dioxide removal is required alongside reducing emissions to help reach net zero. Once removed from the atmosphere, CO2 can be stored in numerous ways, such as trees and ecosystems, ocean reservoirs, and underground geological storage.
12 Jul 2024

Smart Labels and Wearables: Flexible Batteries Find Their Niche

Since the conception of flexible battery technologies, suppliers have searched for strong application markets for their products. In the last five years, niches have finally begun to materialize, though the specific use case depends on battery technology.
11 Jul 2024

Autonomous Trucking - Delivering on Hopes and Goods

By 2044, it is expected that the global trucking fleet will be supported by an additional half a million L4 autonomous drivers, while the remaining drivers will either act as supervisors or work in less developed regions. The autonomous truck industry is projected to have an annual growth rate of 25.6% over the next 20 years.
10 Jul 2024

IDTechEx Takes a Look at Where Printed Sensors Are Headed

IDTechEx expects the printed and flexible sensor market to reach US$960 million by 2034, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.6%. Being connected to infrastructure systems or partnering with suppliers and distributors will help printed sensors take off, alongside their ability to be available at scale, robust, and have long product lifetimes.
10 Jul 2024

CCUS Capture Capacity to Reach 2.5 Gigatonnes Per Annum By 2045

Carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies strip carbon dioxide (CO₂) from waste gases and directly from the atmosphere before either storing it underground or using it for a range of industrial applications.
09 Jul 2024

Future Mobility: Quantum Technologies on the Campaign Trail

Future mobility will be electric, autonomous, and increasingly interconnected. As a result, many new enabling technologies are now clambering to enter the automotive value chain. In recent years, there has been a surge of support for quantum technologies to enter the race.
08 Jul 2024

Unlocking Secrets: TIM Fillers Trading Insights and Market Trends

Thermal interface materials (TIMs) are composed of thermal fillers and matrix materials. Thermal fillers are highly thermally conductive substances, while matrix materials are typically used to enhance mechanical properties.
05 Jul 2024

Industries Critical for Global CO2 Reduction

Fuel cell electric vehicles, Li-ion battery-powered cars, and carbon dioxide removal strategies all work to reduce global CO2 emissions. IDTechEx has a multitude of sustainability reports that give outlooks on the shared efforts of various sectors to reduce CO2 emissions in the air, to promote a cleaner way forward.