Research Articles

24 Mar 2023

Tantalizing Potential for GaN in Electric Vehicle Power Electronics

As electric vehicle (EV) power electronics undergoes a paradigm shift towards wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors, it is clear that silicon carbide (SiC) is becoming the material of choice, while gallium nitride (GaN) is often shoe-boxed into telecommunications or optoelectronics applications.
23 Mar 2023

The "Hidden" Opportunity in Low-loss Materials for 5G

When thinking of the applications of low-loss materials in 5G devices, the first that comes to mind for most is 5G smartphones. After all, low-loss materials are integral in enabling advanced 5G antennas-in-packages (AiP) for smartphones, and high-profile smartphone manufacturers like Apple have gone back and forth about which low-loss material they chose for their 5G antennas in their flagship phones like the iPhone.
22 Mar 2023

Thermal Interface Materials Breaking Status Quo as EV Batteries Evolve

Thermal Interface Material (TIM) plays an important role in power electronics, computing processors, sensors, and energy storage devices. TIMs are the materials used to fill the void between heat sources and heat sinks to enhance heat transfer.
21 Mar 2023

Metamaterial Lenses Target Consumer Electronics

Refractive lenses are an 800-year-old technology that has stood the test of time. Glasses, cameras, and microscopy are all applications that rely on lenses to redirect light by varying the optical path through a curved piece of glass or plastic. However, the underlying architecture of lenses may be about to change.
21 Mar 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Second-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries

Thursday 6 April 2023 - What Are the Latest Market Developments? This webinar will cover: Li-ion battery circular economy and second-life EV battery value chain; Regulatory landscape overview; Introduction to technology trends, remanufacturing considerations, and market barriers; Overview of battery testing and modeling approaches; Key repurposing player activity
20 Mar 2023

Patchs électroniques pour la peau : IDTechEx : la transformation de la vie quotidienne

Les patchs électroniques cutanés ont fait des progrès remarquables dans le domaine des soins de santé. Ces dispositifs électroniques portables comportent des coussinets adhésifs conçus pour être portés directement sur la peau, ce qui permet une surveillance pratique et non invasive des signes vitaux et des biomarqueurs. Dans le domaine de la surveillance cardiaque, les patients peuvent porter un patch qui enregistre leur électrocardiogramme en continu pendant plusieurs jours avec le moniteur Holter ou un appareil de télémétrie cardiaque mobile.
17 Mar 2023

Can Green Hydrogen Be Cost Competitive?

The clean hydrogen market is poised for growth, driven by decarbonization efforts and concerns around energy security. A number of ambitious targets and roadmaps are being set out by different governments and regions. Clean hydrogen can refer to a number of routes for producing hydrogen, but the primary among them are green and blue hydrogen.
16 Mar 2023

IDTechEx Helps Clients Leverage Opportunities in the Energy Industry

The energy crisis, combined with the ever-pressing need to transition to net zero, is driving innovations within the energy landscape. Technology choices, material choices, and business models are shifting and evolving to meet global energy and consumer demands. IDTechEx offer a market intelligence platform covering technology innovation in the energy sector, aiming to help clients address needs and find opportunities in the complex energy landscape .
15 Mar 2023

LiDAR On Its Way Out? Camera's Market Size From 76% to 79% by 2033

Autonomous mobility is the key value proposition for many robots. Thanks to the successes of self-driving systems in commercial vehicles from companies like Tesla and John Deere. Autonomous driving has gained significant momentum across the robotics industry.
14 Mar 2023

E-Textiles: The Future of This Multimillion-Dollar Industry

A shirt that can track a person's heart rate, a shoe that can measure gait - the integration of electronic components with textiles to form e-textiles has been a significant research interest for several years.
13 Mar 2023

The Second-Life EV Battery Market to Reach US$7B by 2033

The second-life EV battery market is one of great importance for many reasons. These include adding value to future energy infrastructure, creating a circular economy for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, and providing a lower levelized cost of storage compared to new batteries.
10 Mar 2023

Intégrer des fonctions électroniques : IDTechEx se demande si cela en vaut la peine

L'intégration de multiples fonctionnalités au sein d'une seule entité promet des appareils plus simples et plus efficaces, sans pour autant compromettre les capacités. Les smartphones en sont un bon exemple : cartes, agendas, téléphones, appareils photo, consoles de jeux, etc. sont intégrés dans un seul appareil compact.