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Research Articles

28 Sep 2012

Consolidation and growth in RTLS and WSN

Recently there has been consolidation in the RTLS and WSN market, with acquisitions of companies such as Aeroscout, MicroStrain and Dust Networks.
United States, Worldwide
27 Sep 2012

Upcoming highlights at Energy Harvesting and WSN USA 2012

Working on developing prototypes and innovative products incorporating wireless sensor and energy harvesting technologies, presentations from electronics giant Intel and innovative start-up NovioTech will excite attendees with their proposed solutions to achieve optimized power consumption performance characteristics.
26 Sep 2012

Wireless Sensor Networks and the new Internet of Things

The Internet of Things was conceived in Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1998.
26 Sep 2012

Printed Electronics Asia returns to Tokyo next week

IDTechEx's Printed Electronics Asia conference and exhibition returns to Tokyo, Japan next week.
20 Sep 2012

Supercapacitors Webinar on Friday 28th September

Supercapacitors, otherwise known as ultracapacitors or Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC), have leapt to market growth of 30% yearly due to rapidly broadening applications from mobile phones to trains, cars and battle tanks.
13 Sep 2012

Chemical and component opportunities in Asia

As Asia has dominated in displays, photovoltaics, semiconductor manufacture and other technology sectors, so too will it dominate in making and integrating better components and consumer electronics using the new materials that are enabling devices to be lighter, more robust, flexible, more power efficient and higher performance. Some of these most exciting material developments and their uses are covered at Printed Electronics Asia 2012.
12 Sep 2012

IDTechEx forecasts a $100 million Graphene market in 2018

Graphene promises to offer excellent material properties in almost all applications. Its extraordinary performance has led many to call it the 'superlative' or 'wonder' material. However, the reality is different.