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Research Articles

20 Jun 2013

Flexible energy harvesting: enabling new form factors in electronics

Flexible portable electronics, in order to retain their versatility would benefit from harvesters and batteries or supercapacitors on plastic substrates.
19 Jun 2013

Gold ink market to reach $50 million in 2018

In 2013 the market size for gold ink for electronic and electrical applications is less than $1 million - used mainly for academic work and some early stage work in healthcare products. However, a new report from IDTechEx Research titled New Opportunities for Gold: Conductive Inks for the Electronics Industry 2013-2019 finds that with demand from medical applications, edge connectors and interfaces with organic materials such as sensors the market will growth to $50 million in 2018, in the "most likely" scenario.
19 Jun 2013

The electric vehicle business: new developments

IDTechEx find that pure electric car sales in 2013 will be 70,000 vehicles rising to 2 million in 2023, versus 2 million hybrid vehicles this year rising to 7.6 million in 2023.
United States
14 Jun 2013

Will graphene supercapacitors be the best?

Questions arise as to how much supercapacitors can improve if organisations more like NASA took over. After all, if supercapacitors can replace many batteries when, as today, they store one tenth of their energy, what will happen in the marketplace if they approach the theoretical ten times the lithium-ion battery figure while acting as a near-perfect "battery"?
13 Jun 2013

Energy harvesting returns to the forefront

2008 to 2010 saw huge enthusiasm and interest in the development of small energy harvesters.
12 Jun 2013

3D printing looks set to pack a $4B punch by 2025

3D printing has come of age, surpassing $1B in revenues during 2012 and with growth expected to continue across all target markets to 2025.
06 Jun 2013

Webinar: Electric motors for EVs - market forecasts, technology trends

IDTechEx, the leading market research firm covering electric vehicles will explain some of its findings in this free webinar which includes data from the new IDTechEx report Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles 2013-2023 Market Forecasts, Technology Trends.
05 Jun 2013

OLED Lighting developments in Japan

According to analyst company IDTechEx, OLED and LED lighting are expected to compete directly in many instances in order to gain market share in the next decade.
05 Jun 2013

Electric traction motors for EVs see 17.4% CAGR over next decade

All electric vehicles have at least one traction motor, so the market for electric vehicle traction motors is one of the largest markets for electric vehicle parts and a primary determinant of the performance and affordability of a given vehicle. Indeed, IDTechEx Research finds that in 2013 44.6 million electric motors will be needed for vehicles, rising to 147.7 million in 2023.
Europe, Germany
04 Jun 2013

IDTechEx announces Printed Electronics Europe 2014 on 1-2 April

"We very much like focus of IDTechEx on applications and markets. This is the way for Printed Electronics industry to move from R&D to volume business and convince investors and OEM companies to adopt these new and exciting technologies". ISORG, France