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24 Feb 2017

San Diego to become America's smartest city

San Diego is affectionately known as America's finest city, but the Southern California metropolis will soon become America's smartest city.
22 Feb 2017

Stretchable electronics: out of the lab and into the market

Whilst the latest electronic components continue to push the boundaries of performance, there are many that now see Moore's Law reaching its ultimate limits. Electronic devices continue to achieve increasing levels of ubiquity, but for this to continue, electronics need new form factors in order to integrate seamlessly into our surroundings.
21 Feb 2017

Webinar Thurs 9 March - RFID Sensors: Technology, Innovation, Markets

IDTechEx are hosting a free webinar on Thursday 9 March 2017 titled RFID Sensors: Technology, Innovation, Markets... Opportunity?
20 Feb 2017

G+ Textile Applications (Graphene Textiles)

IDTechEx has invited a series of industrial players and leaders active in graphene commercialization to contribute their opinions about the state of the technology and markets. As part of article series, we will today hear from Directa Plus who write about the progress of graphene in textile applications.
20 Feb 2017

A report from Batterieforum Deutschland 2017: Part 2 (chemistry)

Things will have to change in order that they remain the same (i.e., Li-ion batteries are here to stay). From the 25th to the 27th January around 300 stakeholders in the battery business gathered in Berlin to discuss battery innovation in Germany. The fifth edition of Batterieforum Deutschland, the prime event organised to foster a Li-ion battery ecosystem in Germany, took place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel near Potsdamer Platz, with three topics as the main sources of engagement for the attendees: battery manufacturing in Germany, advanced Li-ion chemistries, and stationary storage. The event was organised by KLiB, a public-private partnership of the German government and some national battery stakeholders. In this premium article, we will focus on battery chemistries.
15 Feb 2017

ITO alternatives: printed metal mesh is on the rise?

The transparent conductive film (TCF) industry has witnessed upheaval in recent years.
10 Feb 2017

New IDTechEx report reveals much larger drone opportunity

Just when many investors are running for the exit, having burnt their fingers with toy drones and the like, IDTechEx reveals a much bigger picture with considerable potential for the level-headed.
09 Feb 2017

Webinar Tuesday 21 February - Conductive Inks: Trends to Watch in 2017

IDTechEx are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday 21 February 2017 titled Conductive Inks: Trends to Watch in 2017.
08 Feb 2017

RFID Sensors: Filling a Real Need or Hoping for the Best?

RFID is booming - it now accounts for the largest number of silicon integrated circuits made of one particular type. But in addition to over 20% growth, there is much more to come. RFID is moving beyond wireless identification alone to wireless sensing of parameters such as temperature, humidity and much more.
08 Feb 2017

Perpetual drones

Nothing lasts forever: things wear out. However, there is a huge pent up demand for "perpetual" autonomous drones for everything from security to surveying, meteorology and even power generation.
02 Feb 2017

Industrial electric vehicles: Rapid change, $350 billion market

IDTechEx finds that the construction, agriculture and mining part alone will be an $81 billion market in 2027 with considerable opportunities for consolidation of players and technological breakthroughs with major market disruption and creation.
01 Feb 2017

Fuel cell on-road vehicles will never be mainstream

A prediction by analysts IDTechEx is turning out to be true.The window of opportunity is closing for fuel cell on-road vehicles to become mainstream.