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Research Articles

31 Jan 2019

The Dark Side of Hydro Power

Hydroelectric power is by far the most successful form of so-called zero-emission production of electricity but it has a dark side.
30 Jan 2019

Toyota highlight the significance of 3D printing in lightweight design

3D printing is rapidly reaching industrial commercialisation in numerous sectors; IDTechEx forecast that the total market will be worth $22bn by 2028. One of the key features is the design freedom this technology enables where, alongside other functional advantages, a major opportunity is in lightweighting.
28 Jan 2019

Smart Cities are not Data Centric Any More

It is now clear that smart cities can be zero emission, quiet and make all their own clean water, food and electricity.
25 Jan 2019

Electric Vehicle Motors: Next Big Thing

EV motors have lasted for over 100 years on boats and their design changed slowly. Now some last only a few years and they are subject to rapid technology change and an acquisition frenzy. What is going on? The new IDTechEx report, "Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles: Land, Water, Air 2019-2029" explains and - in over 30 ten-year forecasts and roadmaps - predicts.
24 Jan 2019

Webinar Thursday 7 February- Transition to Electric and Hybrid Boats

IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday 7 February titled The Transition to Electric and Hybrid Boats and Ships: Markets and Drivers.
23 Jan 2019

Superb Opportunities for Scientists and Engineers at Analysts IDTechEx

IDTechEx is highly respected worldwide for its reports, relational databases, events and consultancy on the technology and markets for its chosen subjects. These include life sciences, energy storage, energy harvesting, electric vehicles, wearable technology and advanced materials. The emphasis is on using facts-based analysis to see the future and guide business decisions of our customers. They include the world's largest chemical, healthcare and automotive companies through to start ups. Our biggest events are in Silicon Valley and Germany and we serve organizations in 80 countries, with teaching forums and staff in Asia, USA and Europe.
23 Jan 2019

Printed Electronics Europe 2019 - Covering All The Applications

For over 16 years IDTechEx analysts have studied the printed electronics market in all its guises - organic, flexible and hybrid electronics. There have been tremendous successes such as OLED displays and conductive ink for PV, touch screens and bio sensors. There has also been tremendous investment creating new enabling materials, processes and components that will enable new capabilities and differentiate and improve products.
22 Jan 2019

Graphene as an electronic substrate: production approaches

In this brief slide deck, we briefly outline the key aspects and challenges of growing high-quality graphene as an electronic substrate. This could take the form of a film of graphene on a wafer or another substrate. Therefore, we will consider chemical vapour deposition as well as epitaxial growth. Here, we will also outline some of the R&D progress on this topic. This slide presentation will be the first of two presentations. The second one will consider the use of graphene as an electronic material.
21 Jan 2019

Webinar Thursday 31 January - Zero Emission Gensets

IDTechEx will be hosting a free webinar on Thursday 31 January titled Zero Emission Gensets - $100 Billion Opportunity.
18 Jan 2019

Winning Strategy for EV Electric Motors

The electric vehicle business will grow rapidly to over $1.5 billion in 2029, with the largest percentage being batteries. However, that percentage will peak with cost reduction and some being replaced by supercapacitors.
17 Jan 2019

Healthcare Sensors: Piezoelectrics the New Gymnasts

Healthcare electronics is rapidly deploying for wellness, electroceuticals, intrusive medical procedures and more, powered by new technologies.
16 Jan 2019

In-mold electronics is on the brink of large scale adoption

In-mold electronics (IME) is a process of integrating printed decorations and electronic circuitry with thermoforming and molding.