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30 Sep 2021

Space Technology Rocketing Upwards

Space. The final frontier, the first step in a journey just beginning, or a horrifying void matched only by your deep fear of the ocean? Whatever your feelings on space, technology has been steadily pushing forwards to take exploration further, faster, and foodier than ever before.
29 Sep 2021

5G Small Cells for Connected Industries

A fully digitalized and connected world was unimaginable for us a couple of years ago. However, thanks to the development of 5G, this vision is in sight. 5G small cells will play an essential role in 5G networks for connected industries. This article by IDTechEx covers the benefits, challenges and opportunities.
28 Sep 2021

Emerging Electric Motor Technologies for the EV Market

Electric motors truly are the driving force behind electric vehicles (EVs). In addition to the batteries and power electronics, the electric motor is a critical component within the drivetrain. IDTechEx expects over 100 million electric motors to be required per year by 2032 to meet the demand for the growing EV market.
27 Sep 2021

Webinar: Commercially Compelling Printed/Flexible Sensor Innovations

Thursday 30 September 2021 - Emerging applications for capacitive sensors, such as leak detection; Spatially resolved temperature sensors, for monitoring EV batteries and electronics, that can be combined with other functionalities; and more! Will conclude with Q&A for pre-submitted questions
27 Sep 2021

Materials Informatics: Industry Activity Steps Up to Accelerate R&D

The ability to develop new materials and bring them to market ever faster is an obvious goal. There continues to be countless developments that improve chemistry and materials science R&D, but perhaps none represent the same paradigm shift that materials informatics offers. Major industry players are waking up to this as the technology matures.
23 Sep 2021

L'électronique de puissance des véhicules électriques : La demande de semi-conducteurs dans un contexte de pénurie de puces électroniques

Les semi-conducteurs sont l'élément vital de l'ère moderne. De votre montre à votre machine à laver, tout semble aujourd'hui "intelligent", "connecté" et donc activé par les semi-conducteurs. Il n'est donc pas surprenant qu'une pénurie massive de puces présentes "dans toutes les catégories", selon certains dirigeants du secteur, ait un impact profond.
23 Sep 2021

EV Battery Packs Is the Major Application the Aerogel Industry Needed

Electric vehicle battery packs have increasing requirements concerning their thermal runaway mitigation strategy. Meanwhile, the aerogel industry is overly dependent on oil & gas and in need of diversification. Could this be the perfect match between a problem looking for a solution and a solution looking for a problem?
22 Sep 2021

Long Range Electric Cars Cost Less

No one complained about gasoline cars going much further than you would ever drive. As people got used to them, it was realized that long-range means less hassle. With electric cars, the argument is even stronger. Long-range saves you money.
22 Sep 2021

World Energy Storage Day: Fixing Flaws in Li-ion Batteries

Energy storage is a key enabler for the ongoing electrification of carbon-intensive sectors, namely the automotive and energy industries. Developments in energy storage are driven by the increased uptake of EVs and the balancing of renewable electricity grids to provide power during low solar and wind periods.
21 Sep 2021

Integrated Electronics Trends to Drive IME Market to $1.5bn by 2032

In-mold electronics enables electronic functionality to be embedded within molded and thermoformed plastic components. With the integration of capacitive touch, lighting, and even haptics alongside size and weight reductions of up to 70%, IME is an efficient approach to making curved touch-sensitive interfaces. Given these benefits, IDTechEx forecasts IME to be a $1.5 billion market by 2032, with applications mainly within the automotive and consumer goods sectors.
17 Sep 2021

Barriers Fall Unleashing Autonomous Cars in 2021

The new IDTechEx report, "Autonomous Cars, Robotaxis & Sensors 2022-2042", discovers that level 3 autonomous vehicle technology has been ready since 2017- so where are the autonomous vehicles? The answer lies in unclear liability rules, which have turned out to be a massive headache for automakers like Audi, Tesla, GM, Mercedes, and others.
15 Sep 2021

5G From 2022 Onward: Deployment Status, Industry Challenges, & Market

5G is paving the way for a fully digitalized and connected world. The past two years have seen many new field trials and an accelerating number of commercial rollouts. Moreover, 5G is starting to be adopted in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare.