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Research Articles

30 Jun 2022

Upcoming Webinar on Perovskite Photovoltaics

Thursday 14 July 2022 - Perovskite Photovoltaics: The Solution to our Energy Needs? How perovskites can resolve technology gaps within the photovoltaics market; Discussion of difficulties facing the commercialisation; Overview of emerging applications and readiness levels; and roadmaps for the future of perovskite photovoltaics
30 Jun 2022

The Next Stage in Thermal Materials for 5G

Whilst much of the "5G" infrastructure is a moderate upgrade on existing 4G technology, there is still plenty of scope for higher frequency deployment such as mmWave devices and very different station types such as small cells. Each of these new developments presents its own technological evolution and with it, thermal challenges.
29 Jun 2022

Automotive Autonomy: A New Opportunity for Thermal Materials

IDTechEx's new report, "Thermal Management for ADAS: 2023-2033" finds that the yearly market value for thermal interface materials (TIMs) in ADAS will increase 11-fold over the next 10 years.
28 Jun 2022

IDTechEx Release New In-Depth Market Report on Haptics

Haptics 2023-2033: Technologies, Markets, and Players - Current and emerging technologies (ERM motors, LRAs, piezoelectric ceramics and polymers, surface haptics, SMAs, electroactive polymers, contactless haptics and thermal haptics), markets, forecasts, and players in haptics.
28 Jun 2022

Carbon Nanotubes: Is Bigger Better?

Nanomaterials remain a significant growth area with the potential to enable a wide range of next-generation technologies. This article will focus on CNT yarns and sheets before expanding on to high-aspect-ratio and hybrid materials; these are all at an earlier commercial stage than the main MWCNT market.
24 Jun 2022

Analyzing Meta's VR Optics Future

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are edging toward becoming commonplace. However, social acceptability is still some way off and the user experience is not entirely comfortable. Essential to solving these problems are the lenses that magnify and focus headsets' displays.
22 Jun 2022

IDTechEx Release New Report on Thermal Management for ADAS

Thermal Management for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) 2023-2033 - Thermal management challenges, solutions, and trends for cameras, radars, LiDARs, and automotive computers. Thermal interface materials, die attach, radome materials and electromagnetic interference, analysis, players, and market forecasts
21 Jun 2022

Factory of the Future

Access your complimentary whitepaper: 'Factory of the future'.
21 Jun 2022

Webinar: The Role of Vertical Farms in Solving Today's Food Crises

Thursday 7 July 2022 - IDTechEx will discuss how vertical farms can fit in with the coming age of agriculture. This webinar will include discussions on what vertical farms can bring to the agricultural industry, an overview of several limitations faced by the vertical farming industry today, and several possible methods for vertical farms to increase profitability
20 Jun 2022

3D Printing Materials: A $29.5 Billion Opportunity Ripe for Innovation

The growth potential for AM materials differs from printing equipment, as operational legacy printers continue to consume materials. Therefore, this segment of the 3D printing value chain represents a tremendous opportunity.
16 Jun 2022

Unlocking the Power of Perovskite Photovoltaics

IDTechEx's new report, "Perovskite Photovoltaics 2023-2033", explores the diverse range of opportunities presented by perovskite PV, including gaps in demand, supply chain innovation, and emerging applications.
15 Jun 2022

How Agricultural Robots Can Help Global Food Supply Shortages

As prices of wheat, fuel, and fertilizer rise, the total costs for farmers have been increasing. Given the intensified financial struggle, together with higher demand for food production, improving farming efficiencies is imminent.