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11 Oct 2022

The Battery that Runs 630 km on a Single Charge

The number of newly registered electric vehicles in Korea surpassed 100,000 units last year alone. Norway is the only other country to match such numbers. The core materials that determine the battery life and charging speed of now commonly seen EVs are anode materials. Korea's domestic battery industry has been committed to finding revolutionary ways to increase the battery capacity by introducing new technologies or other anode materials. But what if we get rid of anode materials altogether?
28 Mar 2022

Simply Printing High-Performance Perovskite-Based Transistors

A research team has improved the performance of a p-type semiconductor transistor using inorganic metal halide perovskite. One of the biggest advantages of the new technology is that it enables solution-processed perovskite transistors to be simply printed as semiconductor-like circuits.
9 Mar 2022

Smart LED Contact Lenses for Treating Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes is a long-term chronic disease with many complications and requires care over a lifetime. The longer a patient suffers from diabetes, the higher the risk of developing retinopathy which can progressively lead to a decline in vision and even to blindness.
8 Mar 2022

Measuring Pulse Waves with Hair Thin Printed Patches

A pulse wave is a wave in which the blood flow - that originates from the heartbeat - is transmitted to the body. It is an important biosignal that indicates cardiovascular health. Analyzing the pulse wave signal can diagnose cardiac conditions including high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and more. However, conventional pulse wave measuring devices are cumbersome as they require wearing the blood-pressure measuring cuff or stiff tong-shaped sensor and can mostly be performed at hospitals.
10 Nov 2021

Sweat-Collecting Patch Inspired by Cactus Spines

Sweat is an effective body fluid for analyzing bioanalytes in the body without collecting blood. The sweat sensor can reduce the hassle for diabetic patients who repeatedly have to draw blood, and can also be used in wearable devices for daily healthcare monitoring. However, the practical use of sweat sensors is impeded by irregular and low sweat secretion rates. There is a pressing need to effectively collect these sweat secretions.
11 May 2021

Engineering Diseased Human Skin in Vitro

A research team has successfully produced an in vitro diseased skin model that displays the pathophysiological hallmarks of type 2 diabetes based on 3D cell printing system. Despite continuous research to produce artificial skin with 3D cell printing technology, artificial skin displaying the pathological process present in the native skin has not been reported yet.
19 Apr 2021

Wearable Sensors That Detect Gas Leaks

Gas accidents such as toxic gas leakage in factories, carbon monoxide leakage of boilers, or toxic gas suffocation during manhole cleaning continue to claim lives and cause injuries. Developing a sensor that can quickly detect toxic gases or biochemicals is still an important issue in public health, environmental monitoring, and military sectors.
29 Mar 2021

Artificial Lung Model Uses 3D Printing

The warmer temperature and blooming flowers signal the arrival of spring. However, worries about respiratory diseases are also on the rise due to fine dust and viruses. The lung, which is vital to breathing, is rather challenging to create artificially for experimental use due to its complex structure and thinness. Recently, a research team has succeeded in producing an artificial lung model using 3D printing.
4 Nov 2020

Machine Learning that Predicts Anti-Cancer Drug Efficacy

Research on anti-cancer drug response in patient-derived artificial organoids and transcriptome learning of genes associated with anti-cancer target proteins.
12 Feb 2020

A Thermometer can be Stretched and Crumpled by Water

Recent outbreaks of the novel coronavirus have emphasized the importance of quarantine and prevention more than ever. When monitoring changes in our body, body temperature is first measured. So, it is very significant to measure the temperature accurately and promptly.
16 Dec 2019

How Light a Foldable and Long-Lasting Battery can be

With the launch of wearable devices and smartphones that require high capacity of electricity such as foldable phones and 5G phones, the interest in batteries are increasing and various battery types are developed. For example, flexible batteries embedded in the mobile watch band or wireless power sharing batteries that have developed from wireless charging.
9 Jul 2019

A wearable vibration sensor for accurate voice recognition

A voice-recognition feature can be easily found on mobile phones these days. Often times, we experience an incident where a speech recognition application is activated in the middle of a meeting or a conversation in the office. Sometimes, it is not activated at all regardless of numbers of times we call out the application.
4 Jun 2019

3D printed artificial corneas similar to human ones

The existing artificial cornea uses recombinant collagen or is made of chemical substances such as synthetic polymer. Therefore, it does not incorporate well with the eye or is not transparent after the cornea implant.
6 Jun 2016

Graphene-based transparent electrodes for flexible OLEDs

The arrival of a thin and lightweight computer that even rolls up like a piece of paper will not be in the far distant future.
22 Dec 2015

Perovskite LED that could replace LED and OLED

A perovskite light emitting diode (PeLED) that could replace organic LED (OLED) and quantum dot LED (QDLED).