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Wednesday, 05 Dec 2012

Track 1

 Shared Keynotes (Printed Electronics and Graphene LIVE! USA 2012)
Printed Electronics 2012-2022: The Reality, Opportunity and Winners So Far
Mr Raghu Das, CEO
United Kingdom
08:45University of Tokyo
Emerging Applications of Printed Skin-like Sensors and Organic Photovoltaics
Prof Takao Someya, Professor
University of Tokyo
09:10United Technologies Research Center
Opportunities for Printed Electronics in Integrated Buildings and Aerospace Systems
Dr Slade Culp
United Technologies Research Center
United States
09:35Walt Disney Corporation
The World that Feels and Responds: Toward The Next Generation of Physical Computing
Dr Ivan Poupyrev, Senior Research Scientist
Walt Disney Corporation
United States
10:00Office of Naval Research (ONR)
Graphene: Scaled Up and Down
Dr Chagaan Baatar,
Office of Naval Research (ONR)
United States
Graphene: Analysis of Technology, Markets and Players
Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, Technology Analyst
United Kingdom
11:30Lockheed Martin
Opportunities and Challenges for Transitioning Graphene Materials in Aerospace Applications
Dr Steve Sinton, Principal Chemist
Lockheed Martin
United States
11:55Vorbeck Materials
Vorbeck's Graphene Inks : Enabling High-Volume Applications in Printed Electronics
Dr John S. Lettow, President
Vorbeck Materials
United States
12:20University of Manchester
Graphene Heterostructures: Tunnelling Transistors and Photodetection
Dr Branson Belle,
University of Manchester
United Kingdom
 Touch Screen and ITO Replacement
14:25University of Exeter
Dr Saverio Russo, School of Physics
University of Exeter
United Kingdom
14:50University of Cambridge
Graphene: from Solution Processing to Optoelectronic Applications
Prof Francesco Bonaccorso, Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy Group
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
15:15Graphene Square Inc.
Toward Roll-to-Roll Production of Graphene for Printed Electronics
Dr Byung Hee Hong, Founder
Graphene Square Inc.
High Quality Graphene Films
Dr Amaia Zurutuza, Scientific Director
16:45Graphene Frontiers
Graphene Frontiers: Large Scale Graphene Thin Film Synthesis Technology, Applications and Markets
Michael Patterson, CEO
Graphene Frontiers
United States
 New Manufacturing and Equipment
17:10Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating
Printing of Graphene Dispersions - From Batch to Roll to Roll
Mr Neil Graddage, Swansea University
Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating
United Kingdom
17:35Aixtron SE
Scaling Graphene Growth Over 300mm Wafers
Dr Ken Teo, Director of Nanoinstruments
Aixtron SE
United Kingdom
18:00End of Day One

Thursday, 06 Dec 2012

Track 1

 Energy Storage
08:30Stevens Institute of Technology
Inkjet-Printed Graphene for Energy Storage and Sensing
Prof Woo Young Lee, George Meade Bond Professor
Stevens Institute of Technology
United States
08:55Graphene Devices Ltd
Energy Storage Graphene-based Devices
Mr Robert Anstey, CEO
Graphene Devices Ltd
United States
09:20Durham Graphene Science
Scalable Route for the 'Bottom-up' Synthesis of Graphene Platelets and Thin Films
Prof Karl Coleman, Chief Technical Director
Durham Graphene Science
United Kingdom
 Carbon Nanotubes
09:45Canatu Ltd
Enhanced display visibility by no-reflection Carbon Nanobud® transparent conductors and touch sensors
Dr Erkki Soininen, Vice President, Marketing and Sales
Canatu Ltd
High Mobility Semiconducting Inks for Electronic Applications
Dr Nathan Yoder, Chief Technology Officer
United States
11:15Brewer Science, Inc.
Printable CNT Conductors in Flexible Packaging and Wireless Sensors
Mr James E Lamb, Printed Electronics Center
Brewer Science, Inc.
United States
 Functional Inks and Manufacturing
11:40University of Cambridge
Functional inks for Flexible, Transparent and Printed Electronics
Felice Torrisi
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom
12:05Graphene Laboratories, Inc
Graphene and Beyond: Recent progress in the production of 2D materials
Dr Elena Polyakova, CEO
Graphene Laboratories, Inc
United States
13:50Angstron Materials
Industrial-scale Production of Graphene: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr Bor Jang,
Angstron Materials
United States
High Aspect Ratio Nano Materials
Mr Rohit Bhosale, New Business Development
14:40XG Sciences, Inc.
Applications of xGnPR Graphene Nano-platelets in Inks, Papers and Composites
Dr Hiroyuki Fukushima, Executive Product Development Manager
XG Sciences, Inc.
United States
15:05Graphene Technologies
Large Scale, Natural Resource Independent Synthesis of Bulk Graphene and Preparation of Graphene for Market Applications
Mr Jon Myers, CEO and Founder
Graphene Technologies
United States
15:30Incubation Alliance
Introduction of GRAPHENE FLOWER, Self-Standing and 3D Structure
Mr Kazuo Muramatsu, CEO
Incubation Alliance
 Shared Closing Keynotes (Printed Electronics and Graphene LIVE! USA 2012)
16:25National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science
Printed Flexible Device Development
Prof Toshihide Kamata, Leader, Organic Semiconductor Devices Research Grp
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science
16:50University of Cape Town
Printed Silicon in Electronics
Prof Margit Harting, Dept of Physics
University of Cape Town
South Africa
Beyond the Conventional: Printed Electronics Case Studies in Vehicles, Energy Storage and Energy Harvesting
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman
United Kingdom
17:30End of Day 2

Wednesday December 05, 2012

Touch Screen and ITO Replacement (14:25 - 17:10)

14:25 - 14:50 "GraphExeter"
14:50 - 15:15 "Graphene: from Solution Processing to Optoelectronic Applications"
15:15 - 15:40 "Toward Roll-to-Roll Production of Graphene for Printed Electronics"
15:40 - 16:05 "High Quality Graphene Films"
16:05 Break
16:45 - 17:10 "Graphene Frontiers: Large Scale Graphene Thin Film Synthesis Technology, Applications and Markets"
• CVD graphene synthesis vis-à-vis top-down methods
• CVD graphene properties and potential applications
• Market summary, sizing, timing for CVD graphene applications