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Attendee Feedback

This event is really focused on real things, real devices and people are focused on concrete business.

It was the most business oriented graphene and nanotechnology conference that we have attended. We have many contacts and also partners.
Advanced Graphene Products

It was a meaningful and very informative event, a good opportunity to understand the current global trend of graphene and its application.

Incubation Alliance

Conference presentations are now available to download.

Graphene and 2D Materials

This event is the most commercially-focused conference and exhibition on graphene and other 2D materials. Here is where companies unveil their latest technologies or launch their products, where technologists announce their latest commercially-relevant results, and where suppliers and end users from a variety of industries directly connect.

Graphene and 2D Materials is unique as it is co-located with other highly synergetic end user industries such as printed electronics, wearable technologies, electric vehicles, and 3D printing. Last year 2,800 premium business/technology attendees and 200 exhibitors from over 47 countries participated. This model has been successful in the past as testified by our attendee feedback


Why Graphene and 2D Materials USA 2015?

  • Focus on commercial progress, real application development, and commercially-relevant innovation
  • Connect suppliers and customers from a variety of end user industries
  • Accelerate value chain creation by co-hosting suppliers, intermediary compounders/formulators, end users
  • Cross-fertilize business by co-locating with highly synergetic events such as printed electronics, wearable technologies, electric vehicles and 3D printing
  • Analyst-designed agenda and networking opportunities

Why do we co-locate with other synergetic events?

The graphene industry is now in the process of aggressively building up its sales pipeline to grow revenues beyond small volume sales to the research community and academia. It therefore a critical time for graphene players to connect with real industrial end users and for players to align interests to create value chains.

It is within this context that our co-location makes sense. This is because key end users from the following sectors will be at the show:

  • Printed, flexible and/or large-area electronics
  • Wearable technology and electronic textiles
  • Conductive inks and transparent conductive films
  • Battery and supercapacitor electrodes
  • Flexible, thin and/or large-area sensors and actuators
  • 3D printing materials
  • Thermal interface materials
  • Emerging photovoltaic and lighting applications

Graphene and 2D Materials

This international conference and exhibition covers the latest technology developments, applications and end user requirements for Graphene and 2D Materials.

Our mission

  • Disseminate the latest technology and commercial progress by key market players

  • Assess the end user requirements and wish-lists

  • Identify key growth areas where graphene and 2D material deliver value

  • Establish a co-located exhibition with strong synergy and cross-fertilisation to promote business

Graphene has enormous potential. It has already come a long way towards commercialization, despite its short history. Several companies have gone public while others are in their second or third rounds of financing. The production capacity has risen and governments have continued to commit staggering research funds. 2D materials have also entered the scene, promising to complement graphene. Hard questions still remain however as companies look for the killer applications or high volume success in replacing an incumbent.

The IDTechEx business-focused Graphene and 2D Materials USA conference and exhibition in Santa Clara on November 18-19, 2015 will bring together key technologies, suppliers and end users. This year IDTechEx will also focus on other 2D materials beyond graphene.

Graphene and 2D Materials USA is co-located with a series of conferences and exhibitions that constitute the primary short- to medium-term end use sectors for graphene and other 2D materials. These include printed electronics, supercapacitors, 3D printing and wearable technologies. See the full picture about each co-located event.

You will have access to all these events.

The Conference

The conference brings together users, material providers, equipment makers, policymakers, academics and investors from over 47countries. More than 20 companies will present over the two days.


  • Functional Inks, Smart packaging, RFID
  • Supercapacitors and Batteries
  • Composites and Paints
  • Touch screens and ITO replacement
  • Transistors & optoelectronic devices
  • Sensors

    In each of these topics you will hear from:

  • Impartial analyst view giving a bird's eye and independent view of the latest progress
  • End user stating their requirements and wish-lists
  • Academics and independent experts outlining latest technology improvement and challenges
  • Incumbent technology leaders stating their case and the scale of challenge for new entrants
  • Graphene and 2D material suppliers covering their technology, business models and progress so far

The Exhibition

The Graphene and 2D Materials USA exhibition on November 18 & 19 runs alongside the conference tracks.

This It is the largest exhibition on the topic, and is part of the Printed Electronics USA 2015 exhibition featuring more than 225 exhibiting companies. The exhibition will cover equipment providers, material providers, manufacturers and integrators.

More than a conference and a exhibition

In addition, Masterclasses and Tours to local companies will be held prior and post the conference on different topics. IDTechEx analysts, who have conducted extensive research programs on Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes, would be delighted to have free 1 to 1 meetings with you to help you understand the topic and your opportunities.

Quality of our attendees

Our event is business-focused with premium high-level business attendees. Here you can see a breakdown of the attendees from our last USA IDTechEx Show!


Attendee Split by Job Function - USA 2014

Attendee Split by Value Chain - USA 2014



Feedback from past attendees:

This was our second experience of exhibiting at Graphene Europe, last year was good but this year was even better with a high number of new, high quality contacts.
Thomas Swan

Cambridge Graphene Platform exhibited at this event and I am so busy following up leads that I don't have time to say all the positive things I wish to say in this quote! This is by far the best commercial event available.
Cambridge Graphene Platform


We are very satisfied with the event, we have been attending the IDTechEx Graphene Show in the US and Europe for several years. It is a very well organized event from the business perspective. At this event you have the opportunity to learn the state of the industry through the presentations and the chance to meet relevant players in the industry at the booth floor. Always interesting to mix graphene with other industries like printed electronics, supercapacitors... many opportunities arises within this format!

The IDTechEx Graphene conferences have been great for NanoXplore! At a single event we are able to meet all players in the value chain from competitors to our customers' customers. Participants from the parallel events - especially printed electronics and wearables - have continually surprised us with opportunities and leads.


The IDTechEx event offers always an interesting mixture of application-near academic researchers, companies working in new markets, and early-adopters of these technologies on the customer's side. For a young high-tech company active in the field of graphene and related materials it is nearly a must to attend.
CNM Technologies

The event presented the latest developments in commercial applications of graphene & provided a unique platform to help create new value chains.
Tata Steel


IDTechEx is a bellwether conference for Grafoid. It not only gives us the pulse of the industry but allows us to establish substantive contacts with significant stakeholders in the industry.

This event was a good combination of application-related conference talks and the opportunity for in-depth discussions at the exhibition booths.
Infineon Technologies


This IDTechEx show has been extremely valuable for Directa Plus. We had the unique chance, together with our partner Vittoria Group, to present one of the first graphene-based commercial product: bicycle wheels and tires.
Directa Plus

I think it is the most informative conference in the field.
Graphene Laboratories

The IDTechEx Graphene conference was the best graphene event I've attended thus far. It was well attended by all of the major players in the field, and the talks were a great mix of technical and market information. The exhibition was also well done, with a great mix of graphene companies and relevant industrial partners/customers in polymer, film, printing, and flexible electronics. Graphene Frontiers will definitely be back next year!
Graphene Frontiers (2013)


Bluestone Global Tech, is a material start-up company launched a mere 5 months prior to this event. As a newcomer, we needed to leverage our lean budget to garner maximized return on investment. In researching our allocation, it quickly became clear that exhibiting here was a top option. From a planning perspective, the IDTechEx team was fantastic to work with: accessible, responsive and resourceful. With their able and genuinely caring guidance, we utilized a complimentary program of exhibition, speaking, product demonstration and advertising. Employing these efforts led to our firm nearly doubling our investment with sales garnered through the show.
Bluestone Global Tech


Graphene and 2D materials industry

The graphene industry is going through an interesting period. The number of suppliers has mushroomed, resulting in increased production capacity worldwide. There is continued appetite for investment. At least three firms went public last year and several more plan on going public this year. The end user interest in graphene and its potential grows surprisingly fast. End users from many industries now want to evaluate graphene and suppliers are increasingly building up very robust pipelines.

The go-to-market strategy is still largely based on substituting existing materials. Here, graphene is still in the realm of offering more for more (or the same at the best) although a more-for-same value proposition may soon be reached if cost reductions exceed their current rapid trajectory.

Increasingly, graphene companies are moving downstream by offering intermediary products such as inks and masterbatches. This has happening under pressure from end users who want to assess the performance benefit of graphene at that level, want to examine its processibility, and want to reduce their own health and safety risks. This is a welcome trend that is expected to cut down their long qualification period.

The first wave of products have already hit the markets. Most are small volumes and somewhat gimmicky, capitalising on the good brand of 'graphene'. The best however is to yet to come as new applications steadily make their way through the long and winding qualification tunnels.

The competition is however intensifying because the number of suppliers has mushroomed, leading to an erosion of meaningful differentiation. The expected long qualification times have also kept many in the red with low revenues and idle production capacity. Companies now increasingly differentiate on the basis of (a) the morphology, consistently, and reproducibility of the graphene they produce, (b) their ability to demonstrate the processibility of their graphene, and (c) price. Indeed, selling prices are tumbling under the weight of competition and a replacement go-to-market strategy.