Commercialisation of Disruptive Sensor Technology
27-28 April, 2016 | Berlin, Germany

Academic Posters

Poster exhibits are an important aspect of the IDTechEx Sensors Europe conference and exhibition. Posters will be featured in the exhibition, where approximately 2,500 visitors are expected.

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Best poster will be rewarded with Best Poster Award followed by an article in Printed Electronics World Journal

Confirmed posters

Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)
Dr. Matthias Bartholmai
Chances and Limitations of RFID Sensor Systems - Practical Experiences from Research Projects with Different Application Scenarios
Fraunhofer IFAM
Mr Mario Kohl and Dr Ingo Wirth
Printed soil sensor electrodes for zero-impact innovative technology in forest plant production
Fraunhofer ISIT
Dr Thomas Knieling
Wet Etching of Gold Foils to Produce Flexible Electrochemical Biosensors
HaWilKo GmbH
Dr. Hans W.P. Koops
Hyper Giant Conductivity Observed at Room Temperature in Metal/Carbon compound Materials
Dr Wasim Raad
An RFID based Telehealth System for Elderly with Alzheimer's
United Kingdom
Nottingham Trent University
Pasindu Lugoda
Temperature Sensing Yarn For Remote Temperature Measurement
UM2 University
Mr Brice Sorli
Anodic Aluminium Oxide layer on paper based substrate used as Humidity sensor.
United Kingdom
University of the West of Scotland
Mr Yahya Alajlani
Characterisation of Cu2O/CuO thin films produced by Plasma Assisted DC sputtering for solar cell application
Universidad de Cádiz
Mr José J Relinque
Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials for Additive Manufacturing
Hochschule Aschaffenburg
Mr Fabian Koch
Galvanic Isolation of Data Signals with PCB-Embedded Transformers
Mid Sweden University
Sebastian Bader
Characterizing light conditions for energy harvesting applications
Institute of Nuclear Energy Research
Dr Der-Jun Jan
Fabrication of a thin film battery with high volumetric energy density for electrochromic systems
United Kingdom
University of Southampton
Dr Kai Yang
Printed e-textile for wearable stroke rehabilitation
Fraunhofer IKTS
Dr Viktar Sauchuk
LTCC-based Technology for Fabrication of Rechargeable Li-Ion Microbatteries
TU Delft
Dr Samer Houri, Mr Santiago Jose Cartamil Bueno
Graphene nanomechanical sensors on flexible substrates
Tsinghua University
Mr Yihao Chen
Biocompatible and Ultra-flexible Inorganic Strain Sensors Attached to Skin for Long-term Vital Signs Monitoring
Leitat Technological Center
Mr Jose Maria Lopez Pedrosa
Lithium iron phosphate based battery ink formulations
University of Eastern Finland
Dr Mirella Miettinen & Dr Anna Lahde
Electrochemical performance of a new carbon nanostructure
University of Limerick
Miss Elisabetta Boco & Miss Valeria Nico
A high figure-of-merit vibrational energy harvester at C-battery scale for human motion
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Ms Teija Tuhkala
Startups' Value-Network in Printed Electronics Product Development
University of Boras
Miss Karin Rundqvist
Optimising position and pressure of wearable textile sensors to reduce motion artifacts
Airbus Operations SAS
Mr Jerome Thauvin
Hybrid Electric Propulsion for Aircraft
Leibniz Universitaet Hannover
Dr Bernd Geck
A highly miniaturized sensor node with self-sufficient energy supply and wireless communication interface
Kaunas University of Technology
Prof Saulius Grigalevicius
Novel carbazole-based derivatives as host materials for efficient solution processed PhOLEDs
Nanyang Technological University
Mr Jiangxin Wang and Prof Pooi See Lee
Stretchable electroluminescent devices for soft display applications
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Mr Giorgio C. Mutinati
Paper based printed electrochemical biosensors for POCT
Universita Politecnica delle Marche
Mr Luca Buccolini
Design and Energetic Analysis of a Self-Powered BLE Speed Sensor for Bicycles
United Kingdom
Organic Materials Innovation Centre, University of Manchester
Dr Adam Parry
Passive Wireless Vapour Sensors from Inkjet Printed Electronic Components on Poly(dimethylsiloxane)
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Dr Krzysztof Janus
Laser Assisted Zone Evaporation Casting - novel method of thin molecular film preparation
Czech Republic
Brno University of Technology
Prof Zdenek Hadas
Efficiency of Vibration Energy Harvesters: Analyses and Measurements
Czech Republic
University of Pardubice
Dr Tomas Syrovy
The Flexprint project
Fundacion CIRCE
Mr Juan Luis Villa Gazulla
Static and dynamic combination wireless charge for electric buses
Montpellier University
Dr Jean Podlecki and Ricardo Garcia
Piezoelectric energy harvesting : application to data center monitoring

The €295 Academic Poster rate includes:

  • A poster display in the exhibition hall
  • A full 2 day pass to the conference and exhibition
  • Lunch and drinks


Poster session applicants must be teaching or studying full-time. More than one academic can submit a poster. If you have any queries regarding the criteria please contact us.

The poster authors need to be beside their poster during lunch breaks on 27 and 28 April. The poster winner will be announced during the drinks reception on the evening of 27 April and featured widely in publicity afterwards.

Submission of Abstracts

If you are interested in displaying a poster at the event please email Cath Davies at with your contact details, a title and 500 word abstract by 16 March. If your submission is successful we will email you with details on the poster session and guidelines for producing your poster.

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