A Revolution in Display Technology: Electroluminescence & Real Life Applications (Printed Electronics Europe 2007)

Mr Chris Fryer, CTO
Pelikon, United Kingdom


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Speaker Biography (Chris Fryer)

Chris Fryer, Technical Director, is one of the founding members of Pelikon and heads the R&D team. Chris joined Pelikon in 2001 from Cambridge Consultants Ltd. He is responsible for the development of the innovative drive electronics, novel display constructions and the advances in manufacturing techniques Pelikon has made.
Chris graduated from Downing College, Cambridge in 1990 with an honours degree in Engineering and took up a position with Marconi Underwater Systems as a development engineer. Subsequently, Chris joined the Measurement Based Products Group of Cambridge Consultants Ltd, leading the group from January 1998.
Chris's engineering experience lies in the sensors and instrumentation side of electronics, combining an understanding of physics with experience in analogue electronic design and signal processing techniques. Chris has worked on a variety of projects covering a wide selection of technical disciplines.