Enabling a New Generation of Microelectronics Through Low Cost, High Volume Printed Electronic Displays (Printed Electronics Europe 2007)

Ms Emily Selene De Rotstein, Vice President, Marketing and Operations
Aveso Printed Electronic Displays, United States


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Presentation Summary

  • Global trends driving demand for electronic display cards, smart labels and active packaging
  • Market requirements for mass consumer flexible display applications
  • Manufacturing and end product integration considerations

Speaker Biography (Emily Selene De Rotstein)

Emily Selene de Rotstein
Vice President, Marketing
An original founder of the business, de Rotstein led the new business growth effort at The Dow Chemical Company responsible for developing and commercializing Aveso's electrochromic display technology. As general manager of the business, she led the venture capital fundraising efforts that resulted in the spin out of the business from Dow in 2004. Prior to Dow, de Rotstein held executive positions in the consumer publishing sector, including Director of Marketing for The Chicago Sun-Times and Vice President North America for The Jerusalem Post.