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Mercati della cattura, utilizzo e stoccaggio del carbonio (CCUS) 2025-2045: tecnologie, previsioni di mercato e attori 

This IDTechEx report characterizes CCUS markets, technologies, and players, providing coverage across point source carbon capture, direct air capture, CO₂ storage, CO₂ transportation, and emerging CO₂ utilization. It reveals significant momentum behind CCUS, with IDTechEx forecasting global CCUS capture capacity to reach 2.5 gigatonnes per annum by 2045. Forecasts encompass CCUS capacity by CO₂ endpoint (enhanced oil recovery, emerging utilization, or dedicated storage), CCUS capacity split by direct air capture vs point source capture, then further segmentation into 5 industrial sectors. Included are over 80 company profiles, with 350+ companies investigated in the report.
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Riciclaggio chimico e dissoluzione della plastica 2024-2034: tecnologie, attori, mercati, previsioni 

The chemical recycling of plastics attracts both notable critics and supporters; this is not a silver bullet to the sustainability issue facing all stakeholders in the plastic value chain but equally, it will play a not insignificant role in the pursuit of a circular economy. This market report provides an independent assessment on the field, including pyrolysis, depolymerization, gasification, and dissolution processes. 10-year market forecasts provide a crucial unbiased outlook.
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Rimozione dell'anidride carbonica (CDR) 2024-2044: tecnologie, attori, mercati del credito di carbonio e previsioni 

This IDTechEx report provides a market overview of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions, covering engineered and nature-based negative emissions technologies (NETs) that draws CO₂ from the atmosphere. The report explores the technological advancements, carbon credit business models, and environmental aspects of the nascent CDR industry worldwide, identifying the challenges and opportunities for growth. Included are over 40 company profiles, forecasts covering carbon dioxide removal capacity and carbon credit revenue generated segmented into 9 durable engineered CDR technologies, and over 200 companies investigated.
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Sostanze per- e polifluoroalchiliche (PFAS) 2024: applicazioni emergenti, alternative, normative 

This report identifies the key regulations affecting per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), or forever chemicals, in different emerging technology areas. Coverage on PFAS in electric vehicles, sustainable packaging, 5G, and hydrogen economy reveal the impact of PFAS in emerging markets. With assessments of commercial and developing PFAS alternatives in these growing high-tech markets, this report provides extensive analysis of the market potential of PFAS alternatives in key innovative technology areas.
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Emerging Alternative Leathers 2024-2034: tecnologie, tendenze, attori 

This report comprehensively identifies the major technologies and trends in the vegan bio-based leather market including mycelium leather, plant-based leather, microbial leather and lab-grown leather. The report identifies 70+ companies, analyzing technological readiness, manufacturing processes, material benchmarking, applications, and challenges. A 10-year market forecast highlights the growth in demand for vegan bio-based leather.
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Mercato degli imballaggi sostenibili 2023-2033 

Sustainable packaging solutions see increased market adoption as market pressures accelerates. This report comprehensively reviews and analyzes over thirty circular packaging materials, including mechanically recycled plastics, chemically recycled plastics, and bioplastics. Key analysis on sustainable packaging market activity, including investments and partnerships, contextualizes the sustainable packaging landscape for readers. With 21 different 10-year forecast lines for sustainable packaging materials, this report will establish this field's current status and outline its future direction towards circularity.
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Batterie per veicoli elettrici di seconda vita 2023-2033 

The second-life EV battery market is of great importance for many reasons. These include adding value to future energy infrastructure, creating a circular economy for electric vehicle batteries, and providing a lower levelized cost of storage compared to new batteries. This IDTechEx report contains market forecasts, and in-depth analyses on key repurposer and battery diagnostics players, the techno-economic feasibility of second-life batteries, regulations, and battery design, chemistry, and technology trends.
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Carne coltivata 2023-2043 

This report provides an in-depth technology and market evaluation of the cultured meat industry based on extensive research and interviews with market players. The report discusses the technology underlying cultured meat, the state of the industry, regulation, consumer preferences, and evaluates key players in the industry. The report also provides 10 and 20-year forecasts of the cultured meat industry, predicting that the market will be worth US$13.7 billion by 2043.
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Produzione di elettronica sostenibile 2023-2033 

The report assesses sustainable methods of electronics manufacturing. It evaluates how sustainable innovations within printed circuit boards and integrated circuits can drive forward a new era of electronics. Featuring granular market forecasts, the report covers different materials and manufacturing processes that can deliver environmental improvements in a way that is scalable and cost-effective. IDTechEx expects that within a decade, 20% of PCBs could be manufactured using more sustainable methods.
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Bioplastiche 2023-2033: tecnologia, mercato, attori e previsioni 

Bioplastics manufacturers are scaling production rapidly and the industry is expected to grow by 10.1% CAGR in the next ten years. Manufacturers are driven by brand-owner pull to meet decarbonization commitments, consumer demand for sustainability, and single-use fossil-based plastic ban laws. In this report, IDTechEx explores the drivers of the bioplastic market's growth, analyses key and emerging technologies, examines end-of-life options, discusses applications, and forecasts the opportunities and growth of the market.
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Combustibili alternativi sostenibili 2021-2031 

This report provides a market overview on key non-fossil alternative fuels, including renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, electro-fuels, and e-ammonia, discussing the technologies being developed, level of commercialisation, applications being targeted, and growth potential for these fuels. Comparisons are drawn to other low-carbon solutions such as battery technology and hydrogen.
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Mercato della produzione di idrogeno verde e degli elettrolizzatori 2024-2034: tecnologie, attori, previsioni 

Water electrolyzer systems for green hydrogen production are seeing continued technological innovation and improvement, with significant efforts and funding pouring into development of green hydrogen projects worldwide. IDTechEx is continuing its research into the green hydrogen space with this update of the Green Hydrogen Production: Electrolyzer Markets report released in 2023. This 2024 version provides more in-depth analysis of the four main technologies (AWE, PEMEL, AEMEL & SOEC), including more detailed information on operating principles, system performance characteristics, materials & components, balance of plant requirements (BOP), system case studies as well as key advantages and limitations of technologies. IDTechEx significantly expanded the electrolyzer system & stack supplier lists and system specifications across all four technologies. Project case studies, analysis of business models, and more nuanced considerations for the cost of green hydrogen production have been added. A database of electrolyzer suppliers, commercial systems specifications and planned electrolyzer manufacturing installations is provided with this report.
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Utilizzo dell'anidride carbonica 2024-2044: tecnologie, previsioni di mercato e attori 

This report provides a market overview on the uses of waste carbon dioxide (CO₂), including enhanced oil recovery, building materials, fuels (synfuels and power-to-gas), polymers (polyols, polycarbonates, polyolefins), chemicals (alcohols, olefins, aromatics, syngas), and in boosting biological yields (crop greenhouses, algae, and fermentation). The report explores the technological, environmental, and economic aspects of captured CO₂ utilization worldwide, identifying the key challenges and opportunities for growth across this emerging industry. Included are over 30 company profiles, forecasts covering volume of CO₂ utilized, volume of CO₂U product created, and revenue generated segmented into 5 categories of 11 CO₂U products, and over 100 companies investigated.
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Materiali per la produzione di idrogeno verde 2024-2034: tecnologie, attori, previsioni 

Development of green hydrogen plants will create demand for many materials and components needed to construct electrolyzer stacks. This IDTechEx report discusses the incumbent and future materials as well as manufacturing methods for the key components used in AWE, AEMEL, PEMEL and SOEC stacks. Components and materials covered include catalysts & electrodes, membranes/electrolytes, porous transport layers (PTLs), gas diffusion layers (GDLs), membrane electrode assembly (MEA) methods, bipolar plates, gaskets & stack assembly components. The report also contains comprehensive lists of electrolyzer stack manufacturers and material suppliers as well as case studies of companies supplying materials and developing new materials or manufacturing methods. Finally, granular 10-year market forecasts by component and material type for AWE, PEMEL and SOEC stacks are included.
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Mercato delle batterie Redox Flow 2024-2034 

Redox flow batteries (RFBs) can store energy for longer durations at a lower levelized cost of storage versus Li-ion. Demand for long duration energy storage technologies is expected to increase to facilitate increasing variable renewable energy penetration. This unlocks opportunities for players across the value chain, including material suppliers, RFB developers and utility companies. This IDTechEx report provides forecasts, and analyses on RFB technologies, players, projects, materials, applications, and economics.
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Biotecnologia bianca 2024-2034 

This report comprehensively identifies the status and growth potential of white biotechnology in the materials and chemicals industries. Key innovations driving market expansion are extensively discussed. The report reveals the technology readiness, applications, challenges, commercial activity, and outlook for 40+ products made by industrial biomanufacturing, with 10-year market forecasts highlighting the growth in production capacity across 10 forecast lines.
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Economia dell'idrogeno 2023-2033: produzione, stoccaggio, distribuzione e applicazioni 

In this report IDTechEx assesses the global opportunities emerging across the entire hydrogen value chain, including low-carbon hydrogen production, storage, distribution, fuel cells and hydrogen end-use sectors. It includes technological analyses of all relevant technologies, techno-economic comparisons, detail on key commercial activities (including projects as well as established and emerging companies), major innovations, and major market trends across all value chain components. The report also provides granular 10-year forecasts for hydrogen demand by applications in Mtpa (7 sectors), hydrogen production capacity by source in Mtpa (grey, blue and green) and the hydrogen market in US$B (grey, blue and green).
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Mercato del riciclaggio delle batterie agli ioni di litio 2023-2043 

In 2043, 23.8 million tonnes of Li-ion batteries will be recycled, with potential to obtain US$101B in valuable metals. New recycling facilities are being established across key regions, as recyclers prepare for the growing volume of retired EV batteries becoming available for recycling. This IDTechEx report provides up-to-date market forecasts, technology descriptions, policy and economics explanations, market analysis, and company profiles, based on data from 80 Li-ion battery recyclers globally.
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Membrane per la separazione dei gas 2023-2033 

The commercial use of gas separation membranes is not new; the industry grew considerably from the 1980s to the early 2000s to become a stable market of modest size. As market drivers accelerate applications with gas separation needs, primarily for decarbonization, and materials developments mature; the market will enter a new phase of growth. Gas Separation Membranes 2023-2033 provides a critical technology roadmap and market outlook for this evolving industry.
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Piccoli reattori nucleari modulari (SMR) 2023-2043 

IDTechEx's comprehensive new report analyzes the SMR market, technologies, and key players. It includes historic data on the nuclear industry since the 1980s and provides detailed regional market forecasts from 2023-2043. The report also includes data-driven benchmarking of 10 reactor technologies. With the potential for rapid growth, SMRs are predicted to supply 2% of the world's electricity in 2043.
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Produzione e mercati dell'idrogeno blu 2023-2033: tecnologie, previsioni, attori 

This report assesses the blue hydrogen production technologies, supply chains, key players, materials, major innovations and projects. It includes a comparison of the 6 main blue hydrogen technologies and 10-year market forecasts for those technologies along with 7 application areas, and 3 regions of adoption. The report also examines applicable carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies and discusses the prospects and challenges of producing blue hydrogen.
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Batterie per l'accumulo di energia stazionario 2023-2033 

Battery demand for stationary energy storage is set to grow in line with an increasing number of renewable energy resources being added to electricity grids globally, alongside pressure from governments and states to reach targets pertaining to renewable energy generation and energy storage. This IDTechEx report contains market forecasts, player analysis, technology trends and applications, business models giving rise to revenue streams and regional analysis for the top installing countries.
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Oltre il silicio: il fotovoltaico a film sottile 2023-2033 

The future of solar technology extends far beyond silicon, with numerous alternative materials that belong to a certain class called 'thin film'. These can deliver several unique advantages such as higher efficiency indoor energy harvesting, simpler manufacturing, and potentially lower costs than conventional silicon PV. A particularly exciting opportunity is their role in powering Internet of Things devices - a rapidly growing market following the increasing smartification of home and retail electronics.
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Fotovoltaico Perovskite 2023-2033 

Perovskite photovoltaics have already demonstrated remarkable efficiencies, with new applications enabled by their low cost, thin film architecture and tuneable absorption. This IDTechEx report explores the suitability and market opportunities of perovskite PV as well as the innovation opportunities and barriers to entry. It evaluates methods to resolve the main challenge of stability, as well as manufacturing methods and requirements for speciality materials.
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Carne vegetale 2021-2031 

The plant-based meat market has grown rapidly in recent years, spurred on by growing awareness of the issues facing animal agriculture in the wake of COVID-19 and a significant increase in product quality. But can the industry fulfil its potential of disrupting the conventional meat industry? This report from IDTechEx provides a technical and industry evaluation of the plant-based meat market, including production processes, consumer factors, industry investments, and key players. The report also provides ten-year market forecasts for the future of the plant-based meat industry.
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Veicoli commerciali leggeri elettrici, ibridi e a celle a combustibile 2021-2041 

The electric light commercial vehicle market is uniquely poised for rapid electrification. IDTechEx's new 2021-2041, COVID adjusted, forecast report provides a granular twenty-year outlook for eLCV sales, market penetration, market revenue and installed battery capacity, at global and regional levels, to help companies make effective plans in this rapidly evolving sector.
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