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Research Articles

12 Jun 2024

Data Centers Are Already Silicon Photonics' Killer Application

Data centers power the digital world, from storing images of cute cats to analyzing terabytes of data to power the next generation of ChatGPT. In their report "Silicon Photonics and Photonic Integrated Circuits 2024-2034: Market, Technologies, and Forecasts", IDTechEx forecasts rapid, short-term global data center growth due to growth in demand for AI and increased use of cloud-based systems globally.
11 Jun 2024

How CATL's US$57/kWh Battery Would Transform Electric CAM Machines

One of the main reasons that electrification is so appealing in any industry is the reduction in operating costs offered by electric machines. This is especially true across the construction, agriculture, and mining (CAM) industries. Large machines with high uptimes, like mining haul trucks, can consume millions of dollars in fuel over their lifetime.
10 Jun 2024

Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Grid Upgrades to Revamp EV Charging

In April 2024, global energy, technology, and utility provider Hitachi Energy announced a US$1.5 billion investment program to ramp up global transformer production by 2027. IDTechEx's research into electrical grids indicates that transformers are a critical component and potential supply bottleneck for large-scale grid upgrades. These upgrades are essential as society shifts from a transportation sector fuelled by petrochemicals transported in tankers to a sector powered by electricity carried by wires.
07 Jun 2024

Upcoming Webinar on Electromagnetic Metamaterials

Thursday 20 June 2024 - Exploring the Transformative Potential of Electromagnetic Metamaterials; A brief introduction to RF (radio frequency) and optical metamaterials, highlighting key market opportunities; Analysis of the emerging usage of metalenses, one of the most exciting applications of optical metamaterials, with important manufacturing processes potential challenges highlighted; Analysis of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS), the most promising applications of RF metamaterials, with discussion on players, technology roadmap, key case studies, etc; Adoption roadmaps for optical and RF metamaterials; Outlook for the electromagnetic metamaterials market
07 Jun 2024

Segmenting the Conductive Inks Market by Formulation and Application

The conductive inks market will grow to exceed US$6.5 billion by 2034 but remains a highly segmented industry, underpinning both photovoltaics and the emerging field of printed electronics. Taking stock of the different outlooks for the myriad of conductive ink types and the various application areas is a complex task. IDTechEx has tackled this problem by assessing the market for different conductive ink types across 15 application areas and providing granular ten-year market forecasts.
06 Jun 2024

IDTechEx esplora l'intersezione tra imballaggio sostenibile e PFAS

La creazione di un'economia circolare è un obiettivo di sostenibilità essenziale per numerosi stakeholder della catena di fornitura: governi, marchi, fornitori e consumatori. Un elemento chiave è la riduzione dei rifiuti di plastica; l'OCSE ha stimato che nel 2019 sono stati generati oltre 350 milioni di tonnellate metriche di rifiuti di plastica a livello globale. Per affrontare la produzione di rifiuti in plastica sono necessarie soluzioni da parte di tutti i settori, in particolare quello degli imballaggi in plastica, che utilizza circa un terzo della produzione annuale di plastica. Gli imballaggi in plastica monouso, dalle pellicole per cling ai sacchetti flessibili per patatine fritte ai contenitori da asporto, vengono generati in volumi enormi ma finiscono rapidamente nei flussi di rifiuti urbani.
05 Jun 2024

Graphene Turns Twenty and Celebrates by Going Commercial

2024 has marked the 20th anniversary of the original isolation of graphene, first achieved at the University of Manchester in 2004, prior to the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. In the two decades since its isolation, graphene has been the subject of immense hype, labeled as a wonder material with superlative properties capable of enabling society-shifting technologies.
05 Jun 2024

Lab-Grown Diamond Proposes to Heat up the Quantum Technology Market

Material innovations underpin many of the exciting applications offered by emerging quantum technologies. IDTechEx's latest report, "Quantum Technology Market 2024-2034: Trends, Players, Forecasts", compares platforms based on superconductors, silicon photonics, alkali vapors, semiconductors, nanomaterials, and more. Each is seeking to enable solutions for quantum computing, sensing, and communications, with various advantages and disadvantages for each method.
04 Jun 2024

Die-Attach Material Trend For EV Power Electronics

Thermal management for EV power electronics has long posed significant challenges. The ongoing shift from Si IGBT and SiC MOSFET to potentially GaN HEMT in the future results in higher junction temperatures and increased demand for die-attach materials in EV power modules. In traditional Si IGBT power modules, die-attach materials like Pb95Sn5 and Pb92.5Sn5Ag2.5 struggle to meet reliability requirements for packaging power devices in high-temperature applications due to creep-fatigue concerns.
03 Jun 2024

3D Electronics and Additive Electronics in the Automotive Industry

With 3D electronics, bulky PCBs can be replaced, resulting in sleek and integrated designs. The automotive industry is one of the largest sectors benefiting from this technology, as electronics can be printed in a thin layer onto surfaces or integrated within components, which can be particularly useful for human-machine interfaces (HMIs).
31 May 2024

What Does 2025 and Beyond Hold for Electric Buses?

Buses are the most common form of public transport worldwide and are an integral part of billions of daily commutes. From Mumbai to Amsterdam, buses offer cheap and accessible transportation for people to get to work, leisure, and a whole host of other destinations. Buses have been the workhorses of urban transport for almost a hundred years, and for most of that time, they have run on diesel engines.
31 May 2024

Dispelling the Downturn of the EV Market

Electric vehicle (EV) related news has been somewhat bleak in the first part of 2024; you will have heard a lot about the downturn in the EV market and OEMs scaling back plans. This might make one think that EVs are beyond their hype and that they will not be the solution of the future, but is that really the message we should be taking away? In this article, IDTechEx discusses the current statistics, the state of the market, and the outlook for the future.