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26 Sep 2022

3D Printing Drones Build and Repair Structures While Flying

3D printing is gaining momentum in the construction industry. Both on-site and in the factory, static and mobile robots print materials for use in construction projects, such as steel and concrete structures. This new approach to 3D printing uses drones, that use collective building methods inspired by natural builders like bees and wasps who work together to create large, intricate structures.
23 Sep 2022

Europe's First 3D Printed Office Extension is Now Complete in Austria

Europe's first 3D printed office extension has opened in Hausleiten in Austria. The project is a result of a collaboration between the construction technology group STRABAG and the scaffolding and formwork manufacturer and 3D concrete printing pioneer PERI. The building is a 125 m2 office extension to an existing building in Hausleiten.
22 Sep 2022

Titanium Alloy, Highest Strength of Any 3-D Printed Metals to Date

A world-first study has demonstrated how cutting-edge 3D-printing techniques can be used to produce an ultra strong commercial titanium alloy - a significant leap forward for the aerospace, space, defence, energy and biomedical industries.
20 Sep 2022

Kevton Technologies Acquires Seven Sapphire 3D Printers

Velo3D Inc announced Kevton Technologies, a subsidiary of Houston-based contract manufacturer Kevton Industries, has acquired seven Sapphire printers to provide its customers with high-quality, additively manufactured parts.
19 Sep 2022

New 3D Printing Process Offers Novel Energy Storage Design Options

Engineers have developed a process to print solid-state polymer electrolytes into any shape desired for use in energy storage. The research team say the 3D printing process of such material could be particularly useful in future medical devices where small, intricately designed energy storage offers a number of benefits.
16 Sep 2022

Ultimaker and MakerBot Announce Closing of Merger

MakerBot and Ultimaker, two leaders in desktop 3D printing, announced the completion of their merger. Under the new brand, UltiMaker, the company aims to provide easy-to-use and accessible 3D printing hardware, software, and materials for any application, driving the industry to a future state of responsible and sustainable manufacturing.
16 Sep 2022

Second Multi-Story 3D Printed Building in North America

The 4,000-square foot project showcases the possibilities of 3D printing technology, mass customization, and design solutions that integrate conventional construction methods. With a hybridized construction method that combines concrete 3D printing with wood framing, this approach allows the two material systems to be used strategically and aims to increase the applicability of 3D printing in the US, where framing is the one of the most common construction techniques.
16 Sep 2022

6K Additive Reduces Material Cost, Recycles Metal Powder

6K Additive's mission is to provide a solution for global decarbonization in producing performance additive manufacturing materials that are critical to production in markets such as aerospace, medical and industrial applications.
16 Sep 2022

C&A Tool Expands Additive Manufacturing Fleet

C&A Tool has acquired an AMCM M 450 system from EOS—its ninth EOS industrial 3D printer in their metal additive manufacturing production facility. The acquisition of the AMCM M 450 system is a significant milestone in C&A Tool's commitment to acquire twenty AM systems in the next decade and expand their aerospace production capabilities.
16 Sep 2022

Snapmaker Empowers STEAM Education with Back-to-School Campaign

ll-in-one versatile 3D printer: Snapmaker 3D printers aren't just limited to 3D printing. The 3D Printing Module can be swapped out with the included Laser Module and CNC Module. For students with various needs for 3D printed models, etch designs, or fantastic sculptures, Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D printers convey ideas and facilitate STEAM education better than any other things with a hands-on approach.
14 Sep 2022

Stratasys Adds Evonik as New Additive Manufacturing Materials Partner

Stratasys has announced that Evonik is its third and newest material partner for the P3 technology-based Origin One 3D printer. Evonik is contributing its expertise in the development and manufacturing of ready-to-use photopolymer materials to enhance the P3 platform, which achieves injection molding part quality and surface finish with incredible accuracy, in a diverse and continuously growing range of high-performance materials.
14 Sep 2022

3D Systems Expands Industry-leading Materials Portfolio

3D Systems announced two new production-grade materials designed to address a breadth of industrial applications. Both materials have been engineered for long-lasting mechanical performance and stability in any environment making them ideal for a host of end-use applications in industries such as consumer goods, transportation & motorsports, aerospace & defense, and service bureaus.
14 Sep 2022

Velo3D Qualifies M300 Tool Steel for Use in Its Sapphire Printers

Velo3D Inc announced that M300 tool steel, an ultra-low carbon alloy that delivers very high strength and hardness, is qualified for use in Sapphire printers. Velo3D has already seen extensive interest in the alloy from automotive manufacturers for use in high-pressure die cast inserts, injection molding, and other types of tooling.
14 Sep 2022

National Science Foundation to Support ASTM Additive Manufactucturing

The newly funded $4 million NSF EPSCoR award is to conduct research on rapid qualification for additively manufactured critical components used in key industries including aviation, space, and medical industries.
14 Sep 2022

Making 3D Printing Models Easy and Cost-Effective with Quickparts

For more than 25 years, LGM has provided architectural models primarily for high-end residential and resort areas. LGM marries 3D printing to the fields of architecture, engineering, and development to provide state- of-the-art visualisation and modelling, enabling their clients to efficiently design, build, and market products.
14 Sep 2022

Quickparts Announces Foundational Partnership with Nexa3D

The company hopes to bring customers faster production times with the help of Nexa3D's QLS 820. Quickparts adds to its additive manufacturing printer portfolio with QLS 820, a laser sintering platform geared toward fast, high-throughput manufacturing applications.
13 Sep 2022

3D Printing Soil with Embedded Seeds

Someday, maybe sooner than later, people building homes and offices may be able to 3D-print their roofs and walls using soil implanted with seeds thanks to new sustainability research. 3D-printing geometrically complex structures made of soil and seed is doable — introducing a key innovation in bio-based construction.
12 Sep 2022

Unique Light Sensing 3D Printed Device Could Help People With Lupus

A team of engineers and doctors have designed a unique 3D-printed light-sensing medical device that is placed directly on the skin and gives real-time feedback to correlate light exposure with disease flare-ups. The device could help millions of people worldwide with lupus and other light-sensitive diseases by providing access to more personalized treatments and information to determine what causes their symptoms.
9 Sep 2022

Martian Rock-Metal Composite Shows Potential of 3D Printing on Mars

A little Martian dust appears to go a long way. A small amount of simulated crushed Martian rock mixed with a titanium alloy made a stronger, high-performance material in a 3D‑printing process that one day could be used on Mars to make tools or rocket parts.
8 Sep 2022

Graphene Supply Outstrips Demand

As of mid-2022, the global graphene and graphene oxide installed capacity easily exceeds 12,000 tonnes per year, but utilization is low as the orders lag significantly behind. Is this a natural part of the commercial journey, or has hype overcome reality? Is this a case of "build it, they will come", or are there real market needs? What does the future hold for these graphene manufacturers? IDTechEx provides an independent perspective on these questions and more.