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27 Jan 2023

Green Hydrogen Production: Electrolyzer Markets 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Alex Holland
16 Dec 2022

Semiconductor Photonic Integrated Circuits 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Leo Charlton
24 Nov 2022

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) Markets 2023-2043

IDTechEx Report:
17 Oct 2022


LIPAC (an abbreviation of 'Light Packaging') performs the hybrid integration of optical and electronic chiplets onto a common substrate, using fan-out wafer-level packaging. IDTechEx spoke with Dr Jean Song (Marketing and Business Development Team Leader) and Professor YJ Park (Advisor and Emeritus Professor at Seoul National University).
4 Oct 2022

ACCIONA Power Tower Deployment

AFC Energy provides an update on the status of the Company's fuel cell field deployment in Spain with partner, Construcción Acciona.
3 Oct 2022

Cambridge Smart Plastics

Cambridge Smart Plastics are a UK-based company, providing novel polymer materials with unique characteristics. IDTechEx spoke with Andrew Terentjev (CEO).
30 Sep 2022

CMS Closes Series of High Profile Battery Storage Deals

International law firm CMS has closed five significant battery storage deals in recent months, reinforcing the firm's position in this space.
26 Jul 2022

Skeleton to Build World's Largest Supercapacitor Factory with Siemens

Skeleton Technologies and Siemens are announcing a far-reaching technology partnership for the development, planning and implementation of a fully automated, digitalized manufacturing plant to produce supercapacitors in Germany.
21 Jun 2022

Kier Zero Emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for UK Construction Site

AFC Energy is pleased to announce its partnership with Kier Group plc for the initial lease of its new Power Tower clean Hydrogen power generator units for deployment to a UK construction site.
17 Jun 2022

Second-Life: Audi E-Tron Batteries Power Electric Rickshaws in India

A second life for electric car batteries: The German-Indian start-up Nunam is bringing three electric rickshaws to the roads of India. They are powered by used batteries taken from test vehicles in the Audi e-tron test fleet. The aim of the project is to explore how modules made with high-voltage batteries can be reused after their car life cycle and become a viable second-life use case.
12 May 2022

Blue Bird Enters Commercial EV Market with Flexible Class 5-6 Chassis

Blue Bird Corporation has unveiled a unique Class 5-6 electric vehicle platform. The company builds on its nearly century-long expertise of school bus manufacturing to expand its zero-emission transportation solutions to the commercial vehicle market.
12 May 2022

SATAVIA Provides Contrail Prevention Capability for KLM

Aircraft-generated condensation trails, or contrails, cause surface warming amounting to two-thirds of aviation's climate impact, almost double that of direct CO2 emissions from aircraft engines. Until recently, technical challenges made contrail prevention difficult or impossible, but SATAVIA's best-in-class atmospheric modelling now enables flight plan optimisation for contrail prevention.
4 May 2022

Carbon Dioxide Utilization 2022-2042: Technologies, Market Forecasts, and Players

IDTechEx Report:
22 Apr 2022

Eve and Thales Enter Partnership to Develop eVTOL Aircraft

Eve UAM LLC and Thales have teamed up to support the development of Eve's electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft in Brazil. The strategic partnership involves a series of joint studies over a twelve-month period on the technical, economical, and adaptable feasibility of a 100% electrically powered aircraft.
11 Apr 2022

Twelve Corporation

Twelve — formerly Opus 12 — is a start-up based in Berkeley, California, developing methods for electrocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide into chemical inputs.
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1 Apr 2022

Sono Motors Technology Used for Munich's First Solar Bus

Sono Motors is launching its proprietary solar technology to public transport for the first time in partnership with the Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (Munich Transport Company, MVG). The novel solar bus trailer will hit the roads in the Munich metropolitan area in the near future, testing the energy yields as well as the potential of the technology in daily operation.
29 Mar 2022

Scientists Discover How to 3D Print Testicular Cells

In a pair of world firsts, scientists have 3D printed human testicular cells and identified promising early signs of sperm-producing capabilities. They hope the technique will one day offer a solution for people living with presently untreatable forms of male infertility.
16 Mar 2022

Flexible Products for Off Grid Communities Starting in Kenya, Rwanda

Bboxx has announced two new clean energy products that will add to their existing roster of clean energy, clean cooking, mobile technology, and accessible finance solutions: an affordable 'plug and play' portable solar lantern, designed for rural customers and those who are mobile. The product is also capable of charging mobile phones; a Pay-As-You-Go token-based multi-light solar system, designed for rural customers at the bottom of the energy pyramid, with a demand for lighting applications and mobile phone charging.
23 Feb 2022

Nio (2022)

Nio Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and sells smart electric vehicles in China and Europe. The company offers five, six, and seven-seater electric SUVs, as well as smart electric sedans. It is also involved in a battery swapping service called Power Swap. Nio Inc. was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China.
15 Feb 2022

'Bionic' Pacemaker Reverses Heart Failure

A revolutionary pacemaker that re-establishes the heart's naturally irregular beat is set to be trialled in New Zealand heart patients this year.