Renewable Energy Off-Grid Takes New Directions

This webinar explains where and why grid power is being replaced by microgrids up to MW levels. What materials are needed for microgrids everywhere from ocean fish farms to islands and unmanned factories? Ubiquitous photovoltaics now includes paths, greenhouses, facades, windows increasingly in microgrids. Learn how mobile and stationary microgrids such as your car and house increasingly form one microgrid system. Increasingly, that calls for compensation for solar dead at night and weak in winter. What are the many zero-emission forms of energy storage emerging for this? Gravity, compressed or liquid air, hot rock storage and redox flow batteries are only part of the story. Why are lithium-ion batteries and pumped hydro so often inadequate? What are the new forms of 100kW or more wind and water power and why will they be very important? Understand business opportunities including three very different uses for metamaterials in these microgrids.
This webinar gives the detail, drawing on many new IDTechEx reports on the many aspects, based on research by its PhD level multilingual analysts worldwide.