Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh Alumni

Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh was a Research Director at IDTechEx. He has helped deliver over 50 consulting projects for our clients across the world. The projects have covered custom market research, technology scouting, partnership/customer development, technology roadmapping, product positioning, competitive analysis and investment due diligence.
The projects have focused on a variety of emerging technologies such as energy storage, advanced materials, functional inks and coatings, novel display technologies, 3D printing, photovoltaics, printed electronics, electronic textiles, sensors, actuators, etc.
Khasha has also researched and commercialized multiple top-selling market research reports on a variety of topics such as advanced materials, printed electronics, novel display technologies, photovoltaics, functional inks and coatings and now robotics.
In doing so Khasha has established a strong name in the industry. He has presented in more than 60 conferences in South Korea, Japan, China, UK, Canada, USA, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. Furthermore, he is regularly cited in leading journals/magazines or industry publications such as Financial Times, Gigaom, ET News Korea, EE Times, IEEE, SID, PCB Magazine, News Materials, Graphene Tracker, Azonano, etc.
Khasha has also developed and helped commercialize our business intelligence subscription service resulting in double-digit revenue growth for our research products. He also closely collaborates with our territory managers to organize/run regular targeted sales missions to our all major global sales territories including Japan, Korea, Germany and France.
Prior to joining IDTechEx, Khasha Ghaffarzadeh obtained his PhD and MPhil from the University College London and the University of Cambridge, respectively. During his PhD he worked with Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology to identify, explain and solve an instability mechanism degrading the lifetime of a key emerging display backplane technology for large-sized OLED displays. He published his research in leading journals such as Nature Materials (x1), Applied Physics Letters (x4), SID Digest of Technical Papers (x1), IEDM Proceedings (x1). His papers are cited more 350 times in the past five years.


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