Airborne Wind Energy - Reaching Out For New Horizons (Off Grid Energy Independence. Europe 2018)

Mr Kristian Petrick, Business Development / Policy and Regulation
Airborne Wind Europe


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The presentation aims to provide an overview about the Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) sector:
1) What is AWE? General idea, technological concepts;
2) Potential: resources and business potential
3) Current activities and way forward: technological (materials, flight control, etc.) and non-technological topics (policies and regulation, standardization, certification, funding, etc.)

講演者の経歴 (Kristian Petrick)

Kristian Petrick (Industrial Engineer, Technical University Berlin) is freelance senior consultant in the field of renewable energy (RE), energy efficiency and sustainability, providing policy and strategic advice to public and private clients. For Airborne Wind Europe he has recently carried out a scoping study on policies for the AWE sector.
His clients include the European Commission (recent work on RE for islands), UNDP, UNEP, IRENA, IEA-RETD, Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), GIZ, and organisations in Bahrain, Dubai, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine and Saudi Arabia. Earlier in his career he worked for Ecofys Spain and Siemens in Germany and Canada.

会社紹介 (Airborne Wind Europe)

Airborne Wind Europe logo
Airborne Wind Europe has been launched at the AWEC 2017 as Europe-wide AWE industry association aiming to support individual companies and the sector as a whole. : It is currently in the process of being officially established. Members will be AWE manufactures, clients (utilities and project developers), universities, suppliers and other stakeholders. It aims to raise the profile of the AWE sector and foster its development by providing advice on policies and regulation, sector and resource analysis, support for safety, certification and standardization, investor support, and communication and outreach activities.
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