Augmented Paper (Printed Electronics Europe 2007)

Mr Peter Herdman, Exploratory Research Manager
ArjoWiggins R&D, United Kingdom


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  • Why paper persists despite the advent of the paperless office
  • How we can make paper even more irresistible
  • Merging the paper and digital realms

講演者の経歴 (Peter Herdman)

Originally a theoretical physicist. Worked for over 30 years in the paper industry in many research roles, including diagnostic trouble shooting, process control, application of AI. He has acted as consultant and external examiner in Paper Science and Process control having had strong links with Grenoble, Manchester and Cambridge, he also spent a period as visiting Guest Scientist at the university of Toronto. More recently his major interest has been intelligent paper with 3 projects funded by the European Union. Currently Exploratory Research Manager, a position which involves wide ranging academic contact.