Bridging The Gap (3D Printing Europe 2016)

Mr Reimer Spriesterbach, Technical Manager
Lloyd's Register


Europe 2016 Presentation - Lloyd's Register*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - Lloyd's Register*

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AM will become in many production areas an important role. Therefore it is required to have approval and testing processes in place, which reflect a repeatable quality of AM products. LR will prepare a Certification Process on the basis of the Guidelines for additive manufactured parts intended for marine and as well for other applications.

講演者の経歴 (Reimer Spriesterbach)

Dipl. Ing. (Marine Engineering) at University Rostock
Surveyor for Lloyd's Register appointed for the Inspection of Materials, Equipment and Components and Pressure Vessels intended for ships and land based facilities (1990- 2004)
Operation Manager for South West Germany and Switzerland for Lloyd's Register (2005-2014)
Technical Manager Germany Inspection Service Line for Lloyd's Register (2015-...)

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