GRAnPH: Highly Crystalline Graphene, Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide Platelets (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Dr Ana Acosta Martinez, Corporate Innovation Management, Nanotechnology
GRAnPH NANOTECH, Grupo Antolin


GRAnPH NANOTECH, Grupo Antolin - presentation*
GRAnPH NANOTECH, Grupo Antolin - audio presentation*

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• GANF carbon nanofibers : graphene folded as an helical ribbon
• Production process
• Graphene products: characteristics and presentations
• Graphene products: handling and final product approaches

講演者の経歴 (Ana Acosta Martinez)

Ana Acosta is a Researcher and Product Developer in the Nanotechnology Dpt. at Grupo Antolin. This department not only produces carbon nanofibers, graphene oxide, graphene and derivatives but also supports customers and takes part in some final products development.
After completing her preparation in Chemistry, she worked as researcher in some groups focused on Homogeneous Catalysis. Soon, she shifted to the productive industry.
Her career at Grupo Antolin started as member of Project Teams in the core business of Grupo, and for several years she has developed, validated and industrialized automotive components for constructors all over the world. Now she can take advantage of her experiences to scale-up processes or test materials and products until they comply with the requirements.

会社紹介 (GRAnPH Nanotech)

GRAnPH Nanotech logo
GRAnPH® Nanotech is a trade mark of Grupo Antolin, in the field of nanotechnology, with the objective of providing superior quality graphene products for high tech applications, as well as other carbon based nanostructures and nanocomposites.
GRAnPH® Nanotech is born with the objective of becoming a leader in the restricted market of high quality graphene material and products, and contributing to the development of new graphene based electronics, energy devices and structural applications. GRAnPH® Nanotech counts on the technical and commercial support of Grupo Antolin in 25 countries.
Ctra. Madrid-Irún km. 244,8
E09007 - Burgos (SPAIN)
Tel.: +34947477700
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