Printed Electronics Commercialization - Strategy And Proposition In China (Printed Electronics USA 2017)

Dr Jie Zhang, VP
Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry


As a flexible electronics enabler, printed electronics serves the market crossing IOT, wearable electronics, healthcare, and many more. Driving toward value-added manufacturing in 2025, the Printed Electronics is one of the new technology pillar to contribute fully in the nation's manufacturing transformation. By focusing on scale-up and product integration R&D, our Printed Electronics Industry Park are providing the fully equipped pilot manufacturing platform, characterization labs, and incubating services to fuse PE from fab-to-lab transition, and to engage technologists and end-users for total solutions.

講演者の経歴 (Jie Zhang)

Dr. Jie Zhang was a Principal Staff Engineer at Motorola Inc., USA and propelled printed electronics technology industrialization in flexible electronics applications. As a Senior Scientist III and Program Manager at Institute of Materials Research and Engineering of A*STAR Singapore, she directed the flexible and large area electronics/optoelectronics platform developments. Currently, she is the Vice President of Institute of Printed Electronics Industry in Changzhou, China for printed and flexible electronics commercialization in low cost sensor, intelligent packaging, and healthcare solutions. She has published over 70 journal papers and been granted over 20 US patents. She has been actively organizing and participating in industry roadmap and standard developments, and international conferences in printed and flexible electronics, 3D printing technologies, and wearable electronics.

会社紹介 (Changzhou Institute of Printed Electronics Industry)

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Changzhou Institute of Printing Electronics Industry (CZIPEI) was founded in September 9th, 2013. It is located in XinBei District of Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province. The institute is China's first industrial platform dedicated to Printed Electronics.
The institute's missions are to develop core scale-up technology for Printed Electronics commercialization; to provide value added service to Printed Electronics R&D community; and to incubate Printed Electronics star-up and create Printed Electronics industry value chain.
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