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Research Articles

30 May 2024

Transformation of Driver Experience with Automotive Heads-Up Displays

Automotive heads-up displays (HUDs) are awaited with great expectations and are set to revolutionize the automotive display industry. There are many reasons why this technology is anticipated with enthusiasm, namely its potential to positively impact driver behavior on the road, allowing for further vehicle customization and enhancing communication between the front seat passenger and the vehicle.
29 May 2024

プラスチックのケミカルリサイクルと溶解_IDTechEx Webinar

Thursday 13 June 2024 - Chemical Recycling: Navigating the Landscape of Innovative Technologies and Scaling Challenges; An overview of chemical recycling of plastic technologies; Challenges to adoption and scaling; The challenges faced by enzymatic depolymerization; Chain of custody approaches; IDTechEx's outlook and conclusions
29 May 2024

Quantum Bits, AI and Supercomputers

Quantum computers could solve new sets of problems that might otherwise take super computers thousands of years with the advanced technology of quantum bits.
29 May 2024


Metamaterials use regular engineered patterns of subwavelength structures to interact with waves. Electromagnetic metamaterials promise to have transformative effects within the fields of optics and telecommunications. They could make biometric recognition cheaper and more accurate, make virtual reality more immersive and comfortable, and facilitate high-speed mobile internet with zero signal blackspots, yet adoption is in its infancy.
28 May 2024

Thermal Filler for TIMs: How to Select the Most Suitable TIM Fillers

Thermal interface materials (TIMs) are increasingly adopted, with the market size expected to exceed US$8 billion by 2034. Thermal fillers play a crucial role in TIMs as they directly affect properties such as thermal conductivity, viscosity, cost, abrasiveness, and several other factors.
28 May 2024

Thermal Energy Storage Technologies for Industrial Heating Application

Heating and cooling accounts for approximately 50% of global energy consumption, with 30% of this consumption represented by heating demand from industry. Given that the great majority of industrial heating processes use fossil fuels to generate heat, this has caused industrial heating processes to be responsible for ~25% of global emissions.
27 May 2024

5 Key Areas Metal-Organic Frameworks Can Help Decarbonize

According to IEA's 2023 update to its net zero roadmap, carbon capture technologies, more efficient space cooling equipment, and clean energy transitions are all cornerstones of achieving net zero by 2050 and limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Emerging technologies utilizing metal-organic framework (MOF) materials for carbon capture, refrigerant reclamation, direct lithium extraction, HVAC equipment, and various other chemical separations and purification processes can see the advent of disruptive next-generation technologies that are essential for industrial decarbonization.
24 May 2024

二酸化炭素除去技術(CDR)_IDTechEx Webinar

Wednesday 5 June 2024 - Carbon Credit Markets: The Rise of Durable, Engineered Carbon Dioxide Removal Technologies; Importance of carbon dioxide removal in reaching global net-zero emissions targets; Overview of all negative emission technologies (NETs): Direct air carbon capture and storage (DACCS), Biomass with carbon removal and storage (BiCRS), Nature-based CDR methods, Mineralization NETs, and ocean-based CDR approaches; Contextualization of CDR within carbon markets and how voluntary carbon credits are accelerating NETs in the short-term; Identifying the key factors driving the market pivot from nature-based solutions such as afforestation/reforestation to durable, engineered, CDR approaches; Discussion of environmental, technical, and economic drivers/barriers for DACCS and BECCS
24 May 2024

Three Technologies That Will Revolutionize Mining Vehicles

Technologies that are now becoming more mainstream in the automotive industry are also finding their way into the off-highway sector, especially mining vehicles. In particular, IDTechEx's market research report, "Electric Vehicles in Mining 2024-2044: Technologies, Players, and Forecasts", highlights the role of large EV batteries and innovative fast charging methods in driving the adoption of electric mining vehicles, as well as the rise of autonomous mining vehicles.
23 May 2024

Despite Concerns Rare Earth Free Motors Take a Back Seat in EVs

The sourcing of materials and components is becoming an increasingly discussed topic across multiple industries. One huge growth sector is the electric vehicle (EV) market, with IDTechEx predicting 4 fold growth in electric car sales over the next 10 years. Much of the conversation is focused on battery materials, but the rare earths used in the magnets in electric motors are another key concern.
23 May 2024

Which Real-World Use Cases for Quantum Computers Are Now on the Way?

The risk of missing out on the competitive advantage quantum computing offers is rising. Governments and private investors worldwide are placing multi-billion-dollar bets that the industry will produce huge long-term returns. Yet, for this to be realized, the theoretical advantage of quantum computers must be translated into real-world commercial value. In this article, IDTechEx explores which applications are being developed today across the materials, chemical, automotive, finance, and healthcare industries.
22 May 2024

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Construction, Agriculture and Mining

Thursday 6 June 2024 - Construction, Agriculture and Mining: Specialised Machines Require Specialised Batteries; Machine electrification in different CAM markets; Battery sizing and performance requirements across electric CAM machines; Cycle life requirements across different CAM machines; Upcoming battery technologies and how they fit in with the needs of electric CAM machines