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A subscription from IDTechEx allows you to access our full body of research content on emerging technologies, including market, technology and company data, alongside direct engagement with our expert analysts.
Annual packages are tailored to your specific needs, offering timely, global intelligence. See the full picture of technologies and their forecast commercial opportunities.
Subscription Content Subscription Portal Research Reports Analyst Time
Subscription Content Subscription Portal Research Reports Analyst Time
For more on how a subscription can work for you or to book a demonstration of the platform, contact our team at
Subscriptions are bespoke - learn more about what you can choose to include below.

1. The subscription portal includes

premium articles
Premium Articles
Detailed technology assessments, updates on specific business models or markets, and executive-summary style overviews, written by our experts.
10 and 20-year granular, segmented and supported market forecasts available to view and download.
company profiles
Company Profiles
Profiles of organizations across the value chain, with valuable primary research on their technologies, business model, financials, competitors and product metrics. Profiles can include SWOT analysis and company benchmarking.
innovation maps
Innovation Maps
Graphical analysis of complex industry and technology landscapes. These include mapping value chains; technology roadmaps or readiness levels; and positioning and comparisons of companies and/or technologies.
The latest insights and key findings on a topic presented first-hand by expert analysts, available on demand for convenience.

industry digest
Industry Digest
Analyst-written articles summarizing developments in a particular technology or market.
Comprehensive, unbiased studies researched at a global level and compiled by technical domain experts.
event summaries
Event Summaries
Insights from events worldwide that the IDTechEx team have participated in, including write-ups of key developments and findings, and related company profiles.
Latest Subscription Content

2. Research reports: Independent market and technology research studies

IDTechEx reports provide a detailed appraisal of a technology and its applications, based on primary and secondary research conducted by technical analysts, helping you understand the full picture. These high quality, unbiased studies are researched at a global level.

Subscription packages can include your choice of relevant research reports.

See the full portfolio of reports here . Sample pages are available for all reports.

3. Analyst time: Expert analysts work as your partner

Key to our subscription services are our expert business and technology analysts. IDTechEx analysts have highly technical backgrounds and are well-connected in their fields, enabling them to conduct exhaustive primary research at a global level.

Subscriptions can include analyst advisory time and briefings, where our expert analysts work directly with you to understand your key objectives and needs within your industry to provide you with targeted support.

Talk to our team to learn more about how analyst engagement works.

Areas of coverage include

  • 3D Printing
  • 5G, 6G, RFID & Telecoms
  • Advanced Materials & Critical Minerals
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Energy & Decarbonization
  • Batteries & Energy Storage
  • Food & AgTech
  • Healthcare
  • Photonics
  • Printed & Flexible Electronics
  • Robotics & Autonomy
  • Semiconductors, Computing & AI
  • Sensors & Haptics
  • Sustainability
  • Wearable Technology

To learn more about our research coverage, speak to our team today.

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Why IDTechEx

  • Expert Technical Analysts
    Key to providing our services are our expert analysts, who have highly technical backgrounds and are well-connected in their fields, enabling them to conduct exhaustive primary research at a global level. This enables us to thoroughly assess current and anticipated capabilities of new technologies versus existing solutions.

  • Global Proactive Research
    Research on technologies, companies and markets is conducted at a global level through interviews, event attendance and proprietary analysis.

  • Market Intelligence Across Supply Chains: Upstream to Downstream
    IDTechEx research covers materials, manufacturing processes, products and applications. We analyze competitive technologies based on their characteristics, principals, performance, costs and players.

  • Realistic Commercial Outlook and Original Insights
    IDTechEx analysts provide realistic commercial forecasts of complex sectors. Alongside our technical appraisal, we assess the market requirements, trends and drivers, saying it as it is.


A subscription service is tailored to your needs. The price of the subscription varies with (i) the number of reports required; (ii) the number of users, and; (iii) the amount of analyst or consulting time needed. Subscriptions are for one or two years.
Contact us below to request a subscription demonstration and discuss custom pricing options.

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