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21 Jan 2022

Agricultural Robots and Drones 2022-2032: Technologies, Markets & Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Michael Dent and Yulin Wang
15 Jan 2020

First 3D Printed Sensor Operated Prosthetic Arm for Toddlers

The lightweight device with soft grip fingers uses an armband fitted with sensors to detect electrical signals naturally conducted by muscles. This enables the toddler to grip and pick up objects in much the same way as they would with a natural arm.
28 Jan 2019

Precision pest control

By recognising locusts through the smartphone's camera, the app will be able to identify the stage of the insect's growth and record its location through the phone's IP address. This information can then be accessed by the farmer so that they can use pesticides more accurately and to target the insects in the early stages of their lifespan, significantly reducing the amount of crop damage.
27 Nov 2018

Meet Lindsey: She'll be your guide today

A 5ft 2ins tall magenta robot, equipped with sensors and cameras, will guide visitors through exhibitions at a Lincoln museum from today.
1 Oct 2018

Memory-jogging robot to keep people sharp in 'smart' retirement homes

A robot that reminds older people where they have put things and helps them exercise has been used by residents in three retirement homes in a trial to combat cognitive decline in later age.
20 Nov 2017

Grant to establish robotics centre for tackling nuclear waste

It will go towards the creation of the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics which is a multi-university project that has received funding and contributions totalling £40m to bring together a diverse consortium of experts in robotics, AI, sensors and radiation resilient embedded systems to address nuclear waste problems.
9 Nov 2017

Autonomous forklift trucks can work safely around humans

Scientists are working to develop new fleets of autonomous 'self-optimising' forklift trucks which can operate safely and efficiently in warehouses alongside human co-workers, and automatically adapt to changing work demands.
12 Jun 2017

Scientists aim to stamp out new horticultural pest

Scientists will pursue cutting-edge microbiology and robotics research in a bid to stop a destructive and abundant pest which is now threatening fruit production around the world.
27 Oct 2016

New mobile robot to support agri-tech experiments in the field

Scientists at the University of Lincoln, UK, have taken delivery of an advanced new mobile robot to support agri-tech experiments at the University's agricultural field station.